The Group Seduction by Wendy S Marcus

Reviewed by Nas

THE GROUP SEDUCTION by author Wendy S. Marcus is a November 2013 release by Borroughs Publishing Group.

Bella Cristy wants to save her marriage. She realizes her life is in a rut with her yelling at her husband and doing everything herself. And not getting any love or affection. So she embarks on a plan with her three other friends to seduce their own husbands as a group.

So they make careful plans and get everything ready for the big night. But her husband is under the impression that she is having an affair. He is hurt and bewildered by her secrecy. Would Bella have the guts to go ahead with her plan? At the last moment she decides not to go through, but her friends push her. What would Jack, Bella’s husband’s reaction be?

THE GROUP SEDUCTION is a short read. Though funny, it is a realistic depiction of married life. Wendy S. Marcus brought all these characters to life on the page with her superb story-telling.