Accidents make the heart grow fonder by Tara Mills

Accidents Make the Heart Grow FonderReviewed by Desere 

We have all seen those commercials where the woman is jogging and has the good looking butt and then the guy in the car comes driving along and cannot stop staring and BANG he smashes his car.

But have you ever thought that this is what could happen to woman too? I certainly never have, but in this read from the brilliant Tara Mills it does and my oh my it's so funny I laughed over and over.

But it did not stop there, the read goes on to be without a doubt the funniest thing I have ever had the pleasure of reading no wait that would be listen as I had the pleasure of this being my very first audio book ever!

I laughed so hard that yes people stopped and stared I even got a lot of " Are you all there ?" looks pointed in my direction and you know what I could have cared less! The read was so worth the stares. 

The book tells of Sabrina and how she is more than just losing it, anything and everything is going wrong, you name it and it goes to heck! 

So smashing her car whilst checking out the nice buns on Jackson, is just the beginning and of course in true Tara Mills fashion Sabrina smashing her car is not the only thing that crashes, nope poor Jackson goes down too! But that is the least of Sabrina's embarrassing worries, believe me it gets much worse and so much funnier!

If however you are thinking this read is all fun and games you're wrong. The author also incorporated a lot of bittersweet emotional and heartfelt moments for Sabrina and Jackson. The combination of funny and bittersweet made the read one of the most perfect of it's kind that I have read in a long time. That is all I am giving away for now, because believe me you want to read this, no you need to read this book! 

I highly recommend this book for EVERYONE! It has loads of humor for the comic in you, enough bittersweet romance for that special romance side and enough twists and turns ( that btw you will never see coming) to keep you glued to your seat or as in my case permanently attached to my headset! 

And yes be prepared to be given the crazy stare for once you start this read there is no turning back, laughing, tears, erratic reactions, crazy pulling out your hair, riveting stuff! 

If you are feeling down or simply in need of some fun romance this is the read to do the trick!

Keep them coming Tara it ROCKS!!

5/5 star review 
" Oops just doesn't cut it anymore"