Three Tiers for Win by Kathy Bosman

Three Tiers for Win (Wedding Girls, # 2)

Reviewed by Desere

All of us has at some stage said " I will never date this type of person" or " He/She is just not my type". But as we all know we cannot chose who we fall in love with and it does not always end in all roses and sunshine.

Sometimes the road to accepting the person you so badly did not want to fall for is long and filled with so many obstacles it seems it will never truly be worth it.

In this read from South African author Kathy Bosman she tells the story of Elaine and when she meets
heart-stoppingly gorgeous South African athlete Winson.

He's kind and intensely driven to succeed, but he stands for everything she is against and thus it seems this relationship might be doomed before it even properly starts.

Lucky for us readers the author lets the intense attraction between Elaine and Winston overrule their minds but just when it all seems to come together family secrets pull Elaine and Winston apart.

This was a stunning tale of romance against better judgement and laced with fabulous " Oh no that did not just happen" secrets. The author crafted memorable and realistic characters that were both easily likable and easy to connect with.

I loved the Olympic backdrop and stunning description, the author truly placed me front and center for all the action.

I am taking away a message of life has a way of sending you in a direction you truly do not want to go, be it because you fear you might end up like the person you least wanted to be like, or be it because you fear the unknown, what ever the reason remember that going against your better judgement is sometimes the only way to go, for if you stick to your rules and your rules alone you will end up losing more than you had to begin with.

I recommend this read for any fan or romance. A lovely, sweet and sensual look into just how out of control life can get when we stumble across the one type of person we never wanted to meet.

4 Star Review
" Beating one secret at a time in the name of a Win"