Legally Undercover by Rachel Kall

Legally Undercover

Reviewed by Desere

Working in the legal industry myself I have always been a fan or fighting for justice and making sure the clients walk away with everything they are entitled to.

So naturally a legal thriller is right up my ally but unfortunately I do not always find legal reads where the author displays the same passion for the game as I do in my line of work, and thus it usually feels like I'm wasting my time and of course I want to throw the books a mile far away and forget I ever read about the characters in the first place.

Only one author has been able to hit all the right notes for me as reader and leave me with the thrill of the legal world reads!

I am overjoyed to announce I have found another author that is finally able to do the very same and leave me amazed and begging for more!

Rachel Kall ladies and gentleman has created tremendous characters, stunning action scenes, mind blowing dialogue and a beyond fabulous plot!

The reads tells of Alex and instead of being able to focus on becoming partner she is thrown head first into a investigation of the most thrilling kind. The problem is not solving the investigation or even dodging bullets in order to get to the truth, her biggest problem comes in the form of sex on legs, make my knees go weak, take me to bed and keep me there Pedro, she knows he is hiding something and she is pretty sure she won't like it when she eventually finds out, but even with all her keep it real fight for justice attitude she cannot seem to stay away from the man even knowing his secret could be her downfall.

I absolutely adore books by this author, her other books are more focused on the political world , but when I saw that this read is legal related I was jumping up and down with joy, yet at the same time I knew from past experience as mentioned above that I might not get the thrill I was seeking.

But the golden rule of reading is of course never to judge a book by it's cover and I dug in open minded, and oh my WOW! The author gave me the read of a lifetime. There was action, romance, passion, mystery plot upon mystery plot and all tied into the legal world so, so, so exceptionally well it blew me away!

I could honestly not stop myself from reading, word to the wise do NOT start reading this book if you have to get up for a early meeting ! I hung onto every word and could not turn the pages fast enough to get to the next joyride. A truly phenomenal fast-paced, highly addicting, super fun and spontaneous, passionate read with fantastic twists and turns that I so did not see coming.

More than once I yelled out " NO NO NO NO" before going back to "YES YES YES YES" . The author made none of this read predictable and that alone is a real art in my books when it comes to legal thrillers. In most legal related reads I find the author's make it too easy for me to figure out what is coming, now this could be because of my profession but I feel that if you are going to write it down then at least take the time to make sure you can surprise any kind of reader. Rachel Kall has mastered the art very nicely!

I highly recommend this readers. It had everything any reader seeks, romance, kick-ass action and a ending to die for!

5/5 star review
" Going undercover doesn't mean you wont have to get under the covers with the enemy"