All for you by Jessica Scott

Reviewed by Desere

Any man will tell you when he is in charge of a group of men it's his job to make sure they all do their bit and everything slots into place, and most of all when a woman interferes it means war!

In this wonderfully passionate new read from author Jessica Scott she tells us of Sergeant First Class Reza Iaconelli and how Captain Emily Lindberg not only dares to push all his buttons when she tries to tell him how to deal with his men, but how she brings him to his knees with her sweet smile and always 'have to dig to find the answer and I won't stop till I find it' attitude.

I absolutely adore this author's books, they are always focused on the real lives of troubles soldiers face and the extreme emotional impact they have on their families. What makes them even more real is she creates characters that can be found in real life, somewhere out there are real men and woman facing the exact same situation these characters face.

The lucky bit for us readers is of course that they all have a happy ending, and of course in real life it does not always work out the way the author's books do, BUT the fact that it can gives readers that are in similar situations more hope than any other form of counselling does.

Yes you read it right I said counselling, for this author's books zero's in on what the men and woman of the military world faces and then the author shows the way they get through it and that alone in my books is the best way of counselling.

She shows just how it can be overcome and that it is possible to get through anything and I do mean anything from losing a limp to losing your mind it all can be overcome with the right channels and the power of love.

In All for you she has once again done all of the above and more. As before I was blown away by it all but the author seemed to pack a deeper emotional punch than she has in her other books. I am not sure if it was the characters that spoke to me more or the plot connected to this read hit home so to speak. Whatever the case I will recommend anyone who is anyone to read this book as the author has certainly outdone herself and surpassed all my expectations.

Both the characters of Reza and Emily touched my very soul and left me dying to get to the end in order to see just how the author will give these two their happy ending! Truly gripping stuff!

Excellent job Jessica keep them coming!
5/5 star review

" To be his all she needs to find all of him first"