Melting the Ice Queen's Heart by Amy Ruttan

Reviewed by Desere

Any reader will know that when reading a book and it's the kind that makes you sit upright the one minute and makes your eyes gleam like you just found gold and the next your eyes are filled with tears and it feels like your heart is breaking, it's the kind of book that goes down in reading history without so much as a shimmer of doubt!

The new read from Amy Ruttan is that and so much more. The read tells of Virginia Porter and her frosty heart that hates everything there is about Dr Gavin Brice and his maverick ways, but when his kisses start melting away the ice surrounding her heart she's all about forgetting hate and focusing on love but letting it all slot into place proves harder than creating ice in the desert heat!

I loved this read from start to finish ! It felt as if I was right there with the author chipping away at the ice that surrounds Virginia's heart. I was overwhelmed with the intensity of the various emotions the author was pushing her characters through.

The characters were so realistic, that at one stage during the read I wanted to grab Virginia slap sense into her because she made me so extremely furious, then the next I wanted to grab her, hug her and congratulate her on being so brave! It was as if I was truly right there living the all the emotions.

The read was absolutely perfect in every way, the author kept my attention, had me grabbing onto every word, living every scene and truly letting me feel and live it all.

I have only read one other book by this author and the first time around I was blow away with her brilliant work, but as it happens so many times for us readers, the second time around is a strike out as the author makes this huge impact on us in the first book and the second time around it seems to fall flat and the reads are lifeless and dull.

This was so not the case in this read., the author did it even better than the first time!! Stunning heartfelt emotion, sweet sensual passion, vivid descriptions, beautiful characters and a mind blowing story that delivers an always memorable message.

Surrounding your heart in ice is sometimes the only way to protect it from being ripped to shreds, but when the right person shows up ready to melt the ice no matter how frozen your heart may be, shut-up, take notes and go with the flow!

I highly recommend this read for all fans of romance reads with amazing absolutely breathtaking scenes, to die for dialogue and everything else that is needed to make this a beyond awesome and WOW read!

5/5 star review
"Heated kisses melt away her frozen heart" 

Reviewed by Nas

MELTING THE ICE QUEEN’S HEART by author Amy Ruttan is a February 2014 release by Harlequin and Mills & Boon Medical Series.

Dr Gavin Brice was a maverick doctor whose constant rule-breaking irked Dr Virginia Potter. She just wants her department to run smoothly. But Gavin is like no other man she has ever met. Why is she feeling the chemistry sizzle between them?

Would Gavin manage to melt the ice around Virginia’s heart?

MELTING THE ICE QUEEN’S HEART is a fast-paced medical drama. Author Amy Ruttan brought to live a gorgeous and sensitive hero and strong heroine readers would just love.

Highly recommended for all lovers of medical romance.
Review by TashNz
5 Stars

Melting Her Ice Queens Heart by Amy Ruttan has left me feeling moved.  It's a classic love story where two strangers, opposites of every thing they know, are attracted to each other, they embrace their differences and allow their differences to enhance their relationship rather than divide it.  

Dr Virginia Potter is Chief of Surgery and in the opening scene is taking her hospitals investors through the emergency and trauma departments which she's desperately trying to save from closure.  The last thing she needs to find is Dr Gavin Brice up on top of a patient inserting tubing into him to save him.... whilst NOT in the operating theater, in act he's right there in the middle of everything.  

Dr Brice doesn't give a rats when he's called to account about where he was... all that matters to him is that he's saving a life.  He's in a world completely foreign to him and he doesn't understand why if a life needs saving he can just do it without getting hassled by hospital bureaucracy.  Dr Brice has been out on the field, working with a team of mostly 10 at any one time in the remotest parts of the world delivering medical help to all who need it.  Everything is within reach.  He can be a surgeon and save lives on the dirt fields of places you and I would never dream of going to.  Being in the middle of a Hospital in San Franciso is akin to a farmer being asked to work in an office.

So being introduced to the investors leads the book down one path, Virginia has a drive to save the hospital which has a pro bono budget.  She has a passion to deliver medical assistance to those who cant afford it for personal reasons... last thing she wants is a plastics surgery ward.  She wants to save her staffs jobs and above she thinks it's time to dig deep and visit her family.  Then we learn why Gavin is in town at a hospital that he doesn't want to be in and this is the other main theme in the book.  And thru a chance meeting Virginia discovers the reason and some how over seafood chowder the two form a bond which continues to grow over the story.

Of course there's always a hiccup and this comes towards the end and the reason why I'm going to give this book 5 stars, I felt moved and quietly felt a tear run down my cheek!  

Unlike most medical romances this book doesn't focus on the amazing medical drama's, it focus's more on Virginia and Gavin and their world inside and outside of the hospital.  It's a sweet, warm and very moving story which was written in such a lovely way I will defiantly be coming back for more.  

Melting Her Ice Queens Heart is a brilliant example of a love story that's still enjoyable without including all the fighting and make-up sex ;) (dont get me wrong, i love those too lol)


Reviewed by Shirley Buchanan

Growing up poor and losing her sister to sub standard medical care had made her life's decision for her, but was it the right one? She was no longer sure.

Chief of Surgery Dr. Virginia Potter was the consummate professional: cool, aloof and all business. For her, job security equaled financial stability. To achieve that goal, a career was what she wanted, even if she had to sacrifice having a family. Only sometimes she wondered if she had made the right choice. Her practical side dealt with rules and regulations, schmoozing with the board to save the hospital's ER and delivering the finest surgical care. Her feminine side dreamed of a husband, family and a bustling home. Had she chosen wisely? Her practical side said you can't have it all. Her feminine side said you want the quintessential “bad boy”, Gavin. Could she? Would she? Did she want to try?

Unorthodox and intense, Dr Gavin Brice has spent the last years on the front lines in developing countries with Border Free Physicians. He considered it his life's commitment, but a sudden guardianship of his nieces changed his mind. Regardless of the “suffocating regimented environment” he works in, he would provide the love and stability they needed. An instant family, death of a dream and new responsibilities were now his reality, but something was missing. Someone to share it with. At first glance, put together, feminine Virginia appeared to be a candidate, but the illusion was shattered because she only considered rules and regulations important. Could he change her mind? Was there a way to melt the Ice Queen's heart?

Truly excellent book. A well written plot was woven with the well developed characters to give an intense sensual story of two people trying to find love in their life. The medical field provided an intense background to the story from the first page to the last. I laughed, cried and sympathized with the characters as I followed their journey.

I would highly recommend to all romance readers. I was given a copy by the author for an honest review.

5/5 Stars Was it possible to melt the Ice Queen's heart?