Her Real Family Christmas by Kate Hardy

Reviewed by Desere 

Even though you might say you never want to get married and have a family of your own, somewhere deep down inside the idea hides and eventually it grows into a life's craving you can't shake. Sometimes it comes along the very minute you wish it and other times it takes years before it falls into your reach.

But as we all know it does not always work out that way for everyone , sometimes you need to cross heartache after heartache before the one person comes along that pops your loneliness this is it grab the change bubble.

Unfortunately for some the previous heartache's have such a lingering effect that when the real thing comes along you are too scarred to even want to try and go along with it all. This the case for Stephanie.

She meets gorgeous Daniel Conner and he takes her breath away and his little girl Mia steels her heart, but when he tries to show her forever all her previous relationship heartache seems to be overruling any hope for a future of bliss.

This was a gorgeous family is what it's all about, love is what makes a home, new beginnings read. The author delivered a powerful and compelling story of how strong the influence from previous relationships can be and just how blinded they can make us all when we come across a new beginning.

I truly loved the ending of this read, it had that perfect love found, best Christmas present ever feel, and not only touched my heartstrings but left me with a stronger than before believe in there is always hope.

The characters were all well written and the author made sure to give each one their own perfect little unique part in this read. From the insecure always thinking Stephanie to the very charming, gorgeous come over here, I'll help you play Daniel and not to forget the cute as a button Mia, each one had a role that slotted in perfectly with the idea of there is always hope all you need to do is find it, grab it and hold on.

I recommend this read for all Kate Hardy fans, and for all of those that love a good second chance read!

4.5 Star Review
" In his arms she finds her future" 

Reviewed by Nas

HER REAL FAMILY CHRISTMAS by author Kate Hardy is a Harlequin and Mills & Boon Medical Romance series release for November 2013.

Dr Stephanie Scott was great at her job. Of making patients feel comfortable. But she couldn't do it in a family environment as she didn't know what was normal behavior in families. She was brought up in the 'system' and couldn't forget that no one had ever loved her to make her theirs. Then she met Dr Daniel Conner and his little girl, who wouldn't let her retreat to her shell.

Daniel had lost his wife and Mia's mum four years ago to a freak accident. Was he ready to move forward now? With another woman? And could this woman be Stephanie? Could he make Stephanie understand that he and his family loved her for herself?

HER REAL FAMILY CHRISTMAS is a medical romance packed with sizzle and sexual tension amid the deep emotional drama, adding to the page turning quality of the book.  Author Kate Hardy did a great job showing intensive emotions amid the fast-paced medical drama.

Highly recommended for all lovers of  medical romance.