The Brooding Doc's Redemption by Kate Hardy

Reviewed by Desere

Being blamed for the death of your wife and unborn child is bad! Really bad! But what is even worse is when you blame yourself and it was not your fault at all.

Others can try to convince you all they want, and here and there you might even start to believe them just a little but, but in the end you will constantly place the blame back on yourself.

The trick is of course to find a way to get over it and move on, even if you still blame yourself, moving on and trying to face life everyday is at least a start.

For Dr Marc Bailey this moving on comes in the form of a new job, but this turns out to not be so easy. With the new job comes Laurie Grant and her daughter Izzy.

Laurie and Izzy are reminders of what he lost and what he would have had, he knows he needs to walk away but he can't shake the feeling that just maybe he deserves a second chance in the arms of Laurie and the inescapable smile of Izzy.

This was a truly stunning, heartfelt read from author Kate Hardy. She blew me away with the intensity of heartache in this read.

I cried so many times that others around me thought I was experiencing true life heartache, and I was ! Yes I was, the characters were so real and so touching it left me totally gutted.

I adored Izzy, she was the cutest and most adorable little character that I have come across for some time. I found the manner in which the author let the relationships between Laurie and Marc and Marc and Izzy build totally stunning.

It was not a oh here it comes before the read is even properly developed it was gradual and had the perfect smooth sailing with some rock bashing here and there mood.

I'm taking away a message of no matter how many times we hear that everyone deserves a second change, we need to actually learn to believe it before it comes our way and with no believe it will pass us by and never back a return.

I highly recommend this read for all fans of medical romance reads!

5/5 Star Review
" Life chances with a smile" 

Reviewed by Nas

THE BROODING DOC'S REDEMPTION by author Kate Hardy is Harlequin and Mills & Boon Medical Romance series release for February 2013

Dr Marc Bailey was tortured by past grief and starting a new job was like a fresh start for him. But dare he make a fresh start with Laurie Grant and her cute daughter Izzy?

Would Laura help Marc take a second chance? Or would his heart-ache be too much for Laura?

THE BROODING DOC'S REDEMPTION is a heart warming romance of second chance and past grief. Author Kate Hardy takes her readers on a roller-coaster of a ride with this story. The mesmerising emotions depicted in this story is simply astounding.

Highly recommended for all lovers of medical romance.

4.5 out of 5 stars.