Her Knight In Shining Armour by Robyn Rychards

Her Knight in Shining Armour

Reviewed by Desere

Whilst running from her abusive ex-husband Paisley has one thought and one thought only, get as far away as possible, start a new life and pray the disgusting piece of human parasite that is her ex never finds her again.

But whilst running she ends up facing more than one complication. The first is being temporarily unable to keep moving and secondly there is the very attractive I can tempt you with my eyes into doing anything I want Sterling who is dead set on making sure she gets all the help he can offer .

The catch? Sterling is a Psychiatrist and knows just what to say and do with woman in Paisley's situation. But Paisley has sworn no man will ever have power over her again and she does her utmost best to block out any and all physical and mental help Sterling tries to give her, that is until her ex shows up with guns blazing!

I truly enjoyed this read, there was the right amount of gripping suspense and angst to keep me turning the pages. And the right balance of fear turning to romance and protectiveness to make my heart melt.

The character of Paisley was very interesting, the author let me into the mind of an abused woman and the various decisions she makes. Some yes were very " What was she thinking?" and others where " That's it woman fight!"

With the what was she thinking moments the author got me thinking about just why some woman stick around with men who so badly abuse them, and I realized that for us on the outside it would make no sense at all, but for the women who have to suffer these despicable acts of violence there is always something holding them back, fear, lack of love and trust, something from the past no matter there is something.

And thus instead of judging we need to try and remember there is a deeper meaning in their actions. Through this character the author truly showed me that abused woman have their own set of issues and for some it's just never that easy to walk away.

The character of Sterling was one that certainly made me sit upright and take double notice. He has his own set of issues and much like most Psychiatrists they never think another in their line of work can fix them, but his issues that keeps him from living a normal sexy rich playboy lifestyle had me stop and think for a almost a full minute before realizing it could totally happen and be very real and true, and thus does not make his actions or lack there of too surprising as I am sure it will be for some readers.  Everyone has an issue they hold onto until a situation either forces them to deal with it head on or someone points out that they need to follow their own advise.

The backdrop settings were well described, characters were well developed and the author really dug deep with her characters letting me in on every thought and thus I could fully connect with them and really zero in on their emotions.

I am taking away a message of fear holds most of us back from taking a chance. Yes the same might happen again but chances are it won't and if you simply let the chance slip simply because of your fear you will never know if you let your one and only chance at happiness go.

I highly recommend this read for fans of twists and turns real life situations romance reads. Paisley was a true heroine when it counted and Sterling a real life make my knees go weak hero! Passionate and
heart-stoppingly emotional and oh so sexy!

Keep them coming Robyn!

5/5 Star Review
" He's her knight in shining armor but she's the one about to rescue him" 

Reviewed by Nas

HER KNIGHT IN SHINING ARMOUR by author Robyn Rychards is a March 2014 release by Escape Publishing.

Sterling comes across a girl in a tent about to be attacked by a bear and he saves her life. Then he saves her in more ways than one by helping her escape her abusive ex-husband. But he feels the sizzle every time he comes in contact with her. Dare he take any action on this sizzling chemistry between them? Wouldn't it be like taking advantage when she is really vulnerable?

Paisley takes Sterling's help while escaping her abusive ex-husband. But could she trust him as a man? She couldn't ignore the attraction she felt for him. Yet could she bring herself to accept Sterling in her life?

HER KNIGHT IN SHINING ARMOUR is a thrilling story. I loved the setting and the budding romance between Sterling and Paisley. This was my first read by this author but I would definitely be buying her future books.

4.5 out of 5 stars.


Reviewed by Shirley Buchanan

What an emotional and heart rending story. In past relationships, Paisley Vitale and Sterling James have both suffered from different forms of abuse and don't believe they will ever find a happily ever after or that they really deserve one. This story was full of twists and turns as they searched for their elusive happiness. Would that be together or apart?

Running from an abusive, stalking ex-husband, Paisley just knows she has the fool proof plan, but a chance encounter with a deer, a tree, and a bear changed everything. Waking up in a strange man's tent, she could hardly control her emotions: rage, fear, desire and confusion. She didn't want any man to help her, but certainly not a heart stopping, gorgeous, fall-into-my-eyes psychiatrist. She loathed all men, but what she felt for Sterling was certainly not loathing, but desire. Seriously hurt and afraid her ex-husband would find her, she succumbs to the plan he outlines to help her flee from the park and get her back on her feet. Acting like lovers whenever necessary throughout their escape from the park pushed the envelope for them both. As these unwanted sparks of desire constantly flowed between them from the first moment they met, her desire to be free of every man constantly warred with the emotion. When he proposes a new plan to help her escape her ex-husband's clutches, she is astounded. She had lost her freedom once and barely survived, was she crazy to take a chance again?

Handsome, sexy, and rich, Sterling James is known as the Ice Man,but he has an immunity against women. After several painful experiences in his past, he has decided they only want his body or his money, but they don't want just him. With his libido in the deep freeze for so many years, it was easy to be aloof, cold and a challenge to women, but when he laid eyes on Paisley, all his thoughts changed. Saving her from an enraged bear and a terrible accident, he is smitten from his first glance at her. Unlike any other women he has ever met, she fired his desire and thawed the ice around his libido and his heart. But would she be like all the rest? He had been emotional abused and played for a fool before, but he wanted to trust his judgment this time. If he could help her find herself, maybe he would find himself in the process. He liked being her knight in shining armour, protecting her, rescuing her and fighting her battles. Was he being played for a fool again? Was his judgment sound? Could he have a happily ever after? Should he even take a chance?

This was my first read by this marvelous author, but it will definitely not be my last. A roller coaster of emotions on both sides gave the story an added dimension of reality to the problems encountered in cases of past emotionally and physically abused relationships. From the first page to the last, I found myself hurriedly turning the pages to see how they would solve their problems next. Excellent story. Well developed characters melded with a well thought out plot to create a masterful story as they try to find their way to an eternal love. I enjoyed the story tremendously.

I would recommend to any romance readers who desired a story that is appealing on several layers of emotions. I was given a copy by the author for an honest review.

5/5 Stars                     Could they save each other???