Stolen Kiss from a Prince by Teresa Carpenter

Stolen Kiss From a Prince

Reviewed by Desere

Every woman wants to be kissed by a Prince, I mean what could be more romantic? In this read from Teresa Carpenter it comes down to not what could be more romantic but what could be more forbidden.

The heroine Katrina has a deep and dark secret that she wants to remain hidden for the rest of her life, if anyone should find out the mess that would follow would simply be too much to handle.

But ending up in the arms of make my knees go weak Prince Julian let's her momentarily forget all her fears, but truly only for a moment, before it all comes crashing down and she has to find a way to get out before she loses all her senses and has to stand by and watch her world end.

I loved, loved, LOVED this book. So sweet and romantic it gave me that awesome spine tingling romance feel from the start right up till the end. The characters were wonderfully created by the author and I fell head over heals in love with them all.

I adored how the author let Prince Julian become a better man through the realization that he loves Katrina, it brought home that special message of "Love can change us all".

The backdrop settings were extremely special to me, as the author's descriptions brought to life the world of royalty and I could picture myself as a Princess awaiting the ball to begin!

I am taking away a message of when keeping a secret simply because you think it might ruin the life of another, take a step back and try to remember that the person is a lot stronger than you think and could be the one to help get you through it. Do not make decisions for others , in the end this could be worse than the secret you kept hidden.

I recommend this read for all fans of romance, it was sweet, sensual and so brilliantly put together it simply left me breathless! The perfect escape into romance meets royalty!

5/5 star review
" A stolen kiss becomes a lost heart" 

Reviewed by Nas

STOLEN KISS FROM A PRINCE by author Teresa Carpenter is Harlequin Romance and M&B Cherish release for April 2014.

Quite by accident Katrina ended up sleeping in Prince Julian's bedroom and in his arms, though with the Prince's just-orphaned nephew between them. They shared a close moment as well.

Then the Prince changed to his so called reputation, The Ice-Cold Prince. But he cannot forget that moment he kissed Katrina, though protocol demanded that he behave with decorum now. Would the ice-cold Prince change and admit to needing love? And what would happen when he finds out about Katrina's secret?

Is Katrina right to keep such a big secret? Wouldn't it be better to let loved ones help?

STOLEN KISS FROM A PRINCE is an amazing and heart-warming romance. Author Teresa Carpenter brought royalty to life on the pages and their lives and romances. She depicted how being a Prince makes no difference to wanting and needing love. The tender moment when Julian asks Katrina to hold his hand moved me to tears. It was such a poignantly sweet moment.

Highly recommended for all lovers of romance.

4.5 out of 5 stars.