House of Love by Aditi Chopra

She’s done it again. 

Aditi Chopra has her finger firmly on the pulse of the condition of what is sometimes called the ABCD (American Born, Confused Desi).  A person of Indian origin, born in the western world to Indian parents.  The world calls you Indian, but your inner feelings are not so sure.  How do you reconcile your Indian heritage with the way of life you know now?  Will you wear Indian or western dress?  To date or not to date?  You find the person you want to marry.  Do you submit your choice for parental approval?  If they withhold their approval, what will you do?  Follow your heart?  Or follow your culture?

A deceptively simple novella which makes some excellent points.  The characters of Nikki Desai and her boyfriend Karan and the dilemmas they face make for interesting reading.  For anyone interested in modern Indian culture and the changes faced by young Indian in today’s fast changing world.  Or for anyone who just enjoys a good story.