Kholodev's Last Mistress by Kate Hewitt

Kate Hewitt has the knack of creating memorable heroines which stay with the reader long after they close the book.  And heroes who are vulnerable and yet alpha.  What a skill!  It's enviable.

A former street kid and a self-made millionaire, Sergei Kholodov is intrigued by Hannah Pearl, a sunny side up American girl from a Podunk town. Her optimistic outlook attracts him.  Their chance meeting on the streets of Moscow changes the morose man forever and leads him to believe that things could, in fact, be different.

Hannah herself is endearingly vulnerable.  She’s so sweet, though.  Exactly the kind of woman you’d love to have as a friend.  If you’re a woman yourself, of course.  And the hero?  Well in spite of having gone through some horrendous, abusive experiences, you don’t so much find yourself pitying Sergei as admiring him.  Will Hannah be Kholodov’s mistress?  Or something much, much more?

I read this on the run and made time for it.  Because the story literally demanded it.  As Kate Hewitt romances go, this is my all-time favourite.

As this review appears, the book is probably out of print.  But the ebook will, of course, be available.  

I received a print copy of this book in return for an honest review.