The Sicilian's Unexpected Duty by Michelle Smart

The Sicilian's Unexpected Duty (Irresistible Sicilians, #2)

Reviewed by Desere

Anyone that reads romance books will know the story of unexpected pregnancy leading to unplanned marriage and if we're lucky love found.

This is what this book is about BUT, Michelle Smart has told it from a whole new perspective and with a much deeper emotion, so deep it tore my heart to shreds.

The read tells of Cara and Pepe, their one night of ultimate passion leads to her showing up at his front door four months later to announce she's expecting his child. Deep in his heart Pepe knows she is telling the truth yet a past betrayal of the most awful kind holds him back, and instead of believing her he sets out to make her life a a living hell.

Or at least that's what it feels like to her, until she learns that beneath the cold hard exterior lives a man who is kind, sweet and tender and can make all her dreams come true, but loving him would be wrong, she'll be her mother and that is something she does not need.

I love Michelle Smart's books to bits, she has blown me away on many occasions but never quite like this. This book was so intense and so addicting and I completely lost myself in the world of Cara and Pepe. Pepe was typically an arrogant bastard of a man and more than once I shouted out" Slap him ! Slap him good and hard!"

The man pushed all of my buttons and if he had to be standing in front of me I for darn sure would have done more than just slap him. I know that does not sound very romantic at all, and this is a romance book, but believe me when I tell you that this author has a way of creating such realistic characters that any reader will get so attached to them and so lost in their world and just like myself will want to crush the man and his arrogance, because there is nothing romantic about this hero.

He is the opposite of what you would normally find in this type of books. The entire time he made my blood boil and I honestly wished I could be Cara , just for one second so that I could sink my claws into him. The author does of course give us a taste of his world and just why he his the way he is, and right here is where my hatred turned to love. Through this character the author showed me that most treasured miracles in life can sometimes also bring the hardest challenges you need to face. If you allow it to bring you down you will be no better than the one's that issued the challenges. Learn from it and move on.

The character of Cara was so heartbreaking, the poor woman, and yes I know being pregnant and alone is never any fun, and naturally we will feel sorry for her, but aside from the author letting us feel sorry for Cara she also let's us see an entire other side of a woman who's parents marriage made her the way she is. And this just wanted to make me reach out and tell Cara " It looks bleak and dull right now, but things will work out because no one is ever truly their mother". Through this character the author showed me that we might think we are our parents but in fact we are our very own special unique selves. We can make a change and be different all we need to do is accept the dare.

This author has a brilliant way of taking everyday characters found in romance books and bringing them to life in such manner that they are more real than what is legally sane. They are so right there in your face real, that you can almost see them right in front of you and you just want to jump right in and play along.

I am taking away a message of if you find your very own special miracle, do everything you can to keep it. You never know when you might lose it. Cherish each and every moment, and even if you lose it, fight your way back to happiness or you will surely go insane.

I highly recommend this book for everyone! If there is one book this year that you simply must read this one is it. Emotional. passionate, heart-stopping gorgeous and simply remarkable.

5/5 star review
" Happiness is always around, you just need to open your eyes to see it"