The Baronet's Wedding Engagement

The Baronet's Wedding Engagement

Royal Wedding Invitations #2

Jessica Hart

The Baronet's Wedding Engagement by Jessica Hart

Reviewed by Helen

I am really enjoying this series and this is Hope’s brother Max’s story, and I loved getting to know a bit grumpy Max and seeing him come around and start smiling with the ever happy best friend of Hope’s Flora Deare this is truly a happy story, a story of love and joy.

Max is shocked when his beloved sister tells him she is marrying a Prince and that she wants the wedding at home in the little village church and the reception at the country estate Hasebury Hall. Max has been through a lot in his life, a father who caused a scandal that Max had to work so hard to keep the estate in the family his marriage broke up and he spends weekends with his children but now Flora has taken over the kitchen in the hall to plan for the wedding and she is turning Sir Max’s world upside down.

Flora had a secret crush on Max when she was fifteen and was devastated when he married but she got on with her life she was bought up by her grandparents in the village as her mother was always off on some trip or other she has always dreamed of opening up her own restaurant and is thrilled to be the chef at Hope’s wedding but this brings her close to Max and the sparks fly.

I love Flora she is such a beautiful fun person always positive and so straight up with the serious Max but it doesn’t take too long before these two cannot leave each other alone they open up so much they talk, tell each other things that they have not told other people and fall in love in a magical fairy tale, I highly recommend this story I was smiling at the end and am very much looking forward to the rest in the series.

5/5 stars for a great story

Published October 16th 2017 by Tule Publishing