The Prince's Bride

The Prince's Bride

Royal Wedding Invitations #1

Sophie Weston

The Prince's Bride by Sophie Weston

Reviewed by Helen
Can Hope Kennard learn to trust after what she has been through? Her loving father had let her down badly as had her mother but now Hope is now travelling, learning new things and enjoying life but when she meets handsome forest ranger Jonas there are niggles of unease in her brain does she trust her instincts or let them free?

Jonas is on holidays from his life doing what he loves spending time in the forest of his country when he meets a gorgeous woman Hope and yes can it be love at first sight but will keeping things to himself help or not.

Love can be an uphill battle when trust is involved and things are not bought out into the open, Hope has always disliked being in the limelight after what happened with her father and when she finds out who Jonas is this turns things around big time. Jonas never gives up, he loves Hope and does what he can to convince her and love wins out.

This was a story that has characters that are engaging and the setting is wonderful and I did enjoy this one it is the first in a series and I look forward to the others I do love royal weddings.

4/5 stars for a great story
Published October 13th 2017 by Tule Publishing