Playing With Forever

Playing With Forever

Sydney Smoke Rugby #4

Amy Andrews

Playing With Forever by Amy Andrews

Reviewed by Helen

MS Andrews you have done it again blown me away with your words, your story and your hero, heroine and Tiny, I can always be assured that when I pick up one of your books I know I am going to be one very happy reader by the end.

Ryder Davis country boy rugby player awesome all round bloke loves the ladies and his time with them but is also a helpful gentleman so when his coach’s daughter arrives and asks a big favour (knowing how much he loves dogs) what can he say, so enter Great Dane Tiny into Ryder’s life and is Tiny going to turn it upside down for Ryder when he needs help with him from the gorgeous Dog Whisperer Juliet Morgan.

Juliet is working hard at the animal shelter saving money for what will be her life changing journey to Italy, she has been let down by a man before and that is never going to happen again, oh she loves her sex but her trip is way more important, but then in walks rugby star Ryder with a beautiful dog that really knows how to flirt and Ryder needs help with, The attraction between her and Ryder is instantaneous.

Neither of them can deny this spark and both agree to a short affair with a definite finish date but they fuse together so well not only in the bedroom but outside as well but Juliet is so determined that she will be able to leave in two months but Ryder is not so convinced that they should separate, their journey does have a lot of sexy fabulous moments and Tiny definitely adds to the mix.

I loved this one I laughed at Tiny and his antics I sighed and needed a fan with Juliet and Ryder, truly I am loving this series but I think this one is now my favourite woohoo a sexy, fabulous, fun, awesome read that I highly recommend. Thank you MS Andrews for another keeper.

5/5 stars for a fabulous story

Published September 25th 2017 by Entangled: Brazen