Their Double Baby Gift

Their Double Baby Gift

Louisa Heaton

Their Double Baby Gift

Reviewed by Helen

This is a truly beautiful story I did shed a few tears but gee I smiled a lot as well, this one is beautifully written and is a magical story of what happens when two people meet after they lose someone very close to them both. Yes there is guilt on both parties but they know that, that one person who meant so much to them would be thrilled for them both, so sit back and enjoy this story I am sure you are going to love Major Matt Galloway and Dr Brooke Bailey and their family.

Brooke is a single Mum and is returning to work in the A&E at The London Grace Hospital after her maternity leave and she knows it is going to be hard as her best friend Jen is no longer there to be there for her and leaving her baby daughter Morgan for the first time is hard. Brooke never expects that her new boss is none other than Jen’s husband Matt and although they have never met before they do know a lot about each other and there is a connection instantly.

Matt loves his daughter Lily being a single Dad is not easy but the loss of his wife in childbirth has rocked him and he has decided that he will do as much as his wife Jen wanted for her and working at the hospital Jen did is a start, then getting to know her best friend Brooke is something else that he can do he is determined to help Brooke anyway he can as Jen wished. Oh but this is causing an attack of the guilt’s as he feels the sensual pull to Brooke.

I don’t want to say too much more about this story except that it is a must read and it was such a joy to read MS Heaton brings the emotions and love to life the characters are so alive and true, If you have never read a Louisa Heaton book then I highly recommend reading them they really will make you feel so good when you get to the end, this one ticks all of the boxes for a fabulous medical romance.

5/5 stars for a fabulous story

Published July 1st 2017 by Mills & Boon Medical