A Life-Saving Reunion

A Life-Saving Reunion

Paddington Children's Hospital #6

Alison Roberts

A Life-Saving Reunion by Alison Roberts

Reviewed by Helen

What a fabulous way to finish this awesome series oh the tears, the joy, the words, the characters I just loved this one it really is an emotional and moving story of love reunited to two people who had been through so much, my advice make yourself comfortable because you will not want to put this one down enjoy getting to know Cardiologist Thomas Wolfe and his ex-wife transplant surgeon Rebecca Scott as they journey to a HEA not to be forgotten.

Thomas has come back to the Paddington Children’s Hospital after working elsewhere for 5 years the tragedy of losing his beautiful daughter and what he and Rebecca went through was too much for Thomas so moving away from working with children was what was needed or that is what he thought until he returns to what he truly loves and to help keep Paddington’s or The Castle the way it is, but of course that brings him back to Rebecca his Becca and the love that was never lost.

Rebecca has never gotten over her ex or what happened to them but out of tragedy there can be life for others and being a transplant surgeon means a lot to Rebecca, and she knows that she needs to get through to Thomas to stop him from running away again and with one of their patients in need of a heart transplant this brings them closer and the love shines through never forgotten.

MS Roberts has worked magic with this story she has pulled at the heart strings and bought the characters to life, she made me cry and smile and feel so close to the doctors and patients and family members in this story I loved catching up with the characters from the previous books that was so good. I can highly recommend this book and this series to see what love can bring to caring people is just beautiful and the hard work by the medical teams. Thank you MS Roberts for such a beautiful story.

5/5 stars for a fabulous story

Published June 1st 2017 by Mills & Boon Medical