Safe In The Tycoon's Arms by Jennifer Faye

Safe in the Tycoon's Arms

Reviewed by Desere

Life as a single mother is really tough. You need to make all decisions on your own, there is never really someone to properly support you. You can talk to friends and family but it never really takes any of the stress or hurt away.

And thus you become as independent as you can be, and making sure that you never stop to think of anything else other than getting beyond the current situation that you're facing. Get up, get going and move on the the next child-raising step.

In the new Jennifer Faye read this is exactly what heroine Kate Whitley does, however her life as a single parent hits the point of nightmare and a situation no parent ever wants to face. Her daughter is ill, very ill and needs a lifesaving operation. but Kate does not have the funds.

Now of course like any other parent out there who love their children above and beyond, Kate will do anything she can to safe her child, but she does not bargain on ending up in the home of billionaire Lucas Carrington, nor that the man will agree to help her raise the funds she needs and at the same time drive her mad with his bleak outlook on life.

This read was so sweet, kind and tender and hit each and every sweet romance read spot there is. The characters were well written and both found their way into my heart at an early stage in the read. Kate because she is such a dedicated mother to her child and Lucas because he is so very lost after being hurt beyond reason.

I loved that the author let's the attraction between the characters say confrontational, it kept me interested in wanting to see what happens, but also let me more than once think this read was going to end with me in tears of non happiness.

I need not have worried, as the author crafted a beautiful read about two people who through each other find the kind of happiness one can only dream of.

I am taking away a message of being independent is great, it is one of the hardest things to be, but there really is no way you can do it all alone. Having that someone to talk to or simply be held by is what makes you stronger, not taking on everything by yourself, eventually you will burn out and then the ones that need you the most will be without you, leaving them missing a vital piece of their existence. And thinking your actions are what's best for someone else never really is, try to look at the picture from the outside in, instead of telling yourself that what you are seeing is all there is and the only route of action to take is your own.

I recommend this read for any reader looking for a perfect little escape into a afternoon of sweet romance.

4.5 star review
" Together they find their way to happiness"