The Rancher's Second Chance by Victoria James

The Rancher's Second Chance

Reviewed by Desere

The read tells of Cole, once he had been happy but then life had dealt him a harsh blow and since that day he vowed to never love again.

But with the arrival of Melanie comes the reality that he might just be able to let someone new in, however just as he starts to let Melanie into his heart he learns that Melanie has a secret and unless he can convince her to open up to him, there truly is no chance for them.

This was a wonderful read with the focus on the hero learning to love again and the heroine learning how to finally stand up against the demons of injustice that torment her.

The character of Cole was understandably distant and him not wanting anyone around to interfere with his space was perfectly understandable.

Everyone deals with hurt in their own way, and the author showed this perfectly as she let Cole go from this distant stay away from me man to opening up and letting Melanie in. Through this character the author showed that it takes a special kind of person to almost force us to let them in, and if we don't embrace it, we might never the chance again.

The character of Melanie was so, so, so sad. My heart truly broke for this woman and everything she had to go through before meeting Cole. But through her character the author let me remember that when bad things happen to us, they happen and there is nothing we can do to stop it. More importantly there is no reason to be ashamed of it.

Yes, sometimes people will say that you were asking for it because you stepped out of line, but that could not be further from the truth. No one deserves anything bad that happens to them, the best you can do is deal with it in the best way you know how, but if you keep it to yourself it will never go away and you will never find the real strength to deal with it.

I am taking away a message of if we have a past or a present issue we have to face up to, doing it alone is never the answer. Letting someone else in even if it is just sharing a fraction of your pain, the healing will come much easier.

I recommend this read for any romance reader looking for the stunning story of two people both finding a reason to open up and take a chance at happiness. And honestly being so beautifully played out by the author it will bring you to tears of joy.

4 star review
" Second chances are hard to come by, grab them with both hands

Reviewed by Nas

THE RANCHER'S SECOND CHANCE by author Victoria James is a March 2014 release by Entangled Indulgence.

Melanie Simms was so not for Cole Forrester. Cole was a widower and he was used to keeping his heart safe. But stranded with Melanie, Cole feels the attraction between them flare and turn into something more.

Would Cole let his heart be vulnerable? Could he move past his grief and start anew? But what was Melanie hiding? 

THE RANCHER'S SECOND CHANCE is a heart-warming romance about taking second chances at life and love. Author Victoria James brought to life a gorgeous but tortured hero who couldn't give his all because of past hurts and a  heroine who had past secrets of her own. The chemistry and sensuality between Melanie and Cole sizzles. The emotions depicted in the story would touch readers heart.

Highly recommended for all lovers of romance.

4.5 out of 5 stars.  

Reviewed by Shirley Buchanan 

Losing your soul mate to death is devastating to anyone. Every person handles it in a different way. For Cole, the devastation was complete. No one would ever take her place. He would work his ranch, cherish his memories and strive to achieve their dreams, all while living his life alone. He had had his one chance at love and had no interest in finding another. Then Fate dropped a bombshell into his path.

When Cori, Cole's sister, was out of town, she was rushed into emergency surgery just a few days before her wedding. Appealing to her best friend and wedding planner to handle the last minute details, Melanie knew she was glad to help, but that meant dealing with her older brother, Cole. Although she had admired him from afar, he barely acknowledged her. She knew he thought she was a rich, spoiled, high maintenance socialite, but he couldn't be further from the truth. She had paid dearly for her independence, but those were her secrets. She knew he would never be interested in her. Only why did he have that scowl when his friend flirted with her and what about that look he gave her in the borrowed lingerie when the weather forced her to spend the night. Could she be mistaken? Was he as interested in her as she was in him? Could he be just better at hiding it? Was there a possibility of a future? Or would his late wife always be between them? And the most telling, would she be able to share her secrets with him and survive?

Protective, sexy and handsome, Cole was any woman's dream of the perfect man. A tough exterior hiding a warm center, he had loved his wife and never wanted or needed another woman. Surprised at his feelings when he observed his friend flirting with Melanie, his sister's friend, and flabbergasted at the sudden interest and desire that ran through him after he observed her in the sexy lingerie, he felt confused. She was nothing like the wife he had cherished, but the pull of long forgotten emotions were definitely there. He was definitely attracted, but was he ready to take the plunge into dating again? Would it be a betrayal of his love for his late wife? What could a high maintenance spoiled city girl give him in return? Should he risk it? Was there a possibility that he could have two great loves in his life?

An excellent story of a hot sexy cowboy with a broken heart and a society city girl with dark secrets finding their paths to an eternal love. Well written characters with a well developed plot provided a tale of the pitfalls in every new relationship. While they bare their secrets and hope for acceptance, they wonder if they have chosen wisely. The matchmaking antics of Mrs. Harris and Gage, were entertaining and provided many laughs as they steadily pushed them together. I laughed, cried and sympathized with the characters on their journey.

I would recommend this story to all romance readers. I was given a copy by the author for an honest review.

4/5 stars                        Did they have a chance for love?

Reviewed by Alexia

 Cole is still trying to overcome the death of his young wife Sarah due to Cancer.  His sister Cori is engaged to be married to Adam, but an emergency appendectomy sends Cori to the hospital 1 week before her wedding.  Melanie is the wedding planner who never wants to marry personally,  but loves to arrange the ceremonies.  

Melanie comes to town and has to deal with not the bride but her moody brother.  Mrs. Harris aka Mrs. H is a matchmaker at heart.  She see's that Melanie and Cole have some sort of spark brewing between them.  

As Melanie asks Cole to go out to the spot that Cori chose for her reception she realizes how beautiful it will look.  On the way back home they get caught in a snowstorm and seek shelter at a cabin in the woods.  Will Melanie be able to put her personal beliefs about marriage aside?  Will Cole get over the loss of his first wife?  It's is gripping book that makes you root for their relationship..

5/5 star review