Unlocking the Doctor's Heart by Susanne Hampton

Unlocking The Doctor's Heart

Reviewed by Desere

I so very much loved this book! The read tells of Beth and how she sets out to the land down under to find a new start. But what she finds is her extremely off the charts good looking boss, who also happens to be like a walking tyrant and has everyone avoiding him at all costs.

But Beth is not the back down kind of woman and she stands up to Matthew, of course he does not like it, not one bit. But soon he starts to like having Beth around and soon he forgets all about keep his distance, that is until Beth says she has to leave, and he is once again left with nothing but a broken heart, will he never learn?

I truly enjoyed this book. It was such a stunning emotional roller-coaster of a read, it tugged on all the right heartstrings to bring me tears of joy and sadness.

The character of Matthew broke my heart , over and over again I found myself wanting to drag him into my arms and help him heal his broken heart.

Him locking his heart away against all emotion was very touching and through this character the author reminded me that it is an automatic defense method hat we all use. We get hurt, we go into hiding, but all it does is change our personalities from loving to absolute walking grump. It does hurt, but the best way to handle it is to do the same as when being thrown from a horse, get up again if you don't no one will ever want to come near you and that will only serve to make your life darker.

The character of Beth, was super fun! I loved her spunk and standing up against Matthew had me rooting for her from the start! I had a huge smile on my face each time she goes head to head with Matthew and I found myself over and over saying " That's it ! You go girl!"

I was saddened by her past, but again because she is such a get out here and fight heroine it was great to see her tackle it head on. Through this character the author showed her as Matthew is meant to be, as we are all meant to be really, what ever happens, happens just trust enough to know you need to at least try in order to find out the truth.

I am taking away a message of when we find someone to love, you need to find it within you heart to let them go and believe they love you enough to come back. Without that level of trust there really will never be a relationship worth fighting for.

I recommend this read for all fans of medial romance reads. It was the perfect balance of spunk, emotional, heartfelt, a very sweet and tender romance with a great message !

4.5 star review

" Within her hand lies the key to his heart"

Reviewed By Shirley Buchanan

Things that happen to you in your past always affects the way you see the future. Whether it is a past relationship that has gone wrong, an employment opportunity that was missed, or accidents that change the scope of our lives. It is how you will use these experiences that determine the way you conduct your future. Both Beth and Matthew had life changing events, but the way they handled them were very different. One was afraid to love and one was searching for it. Could they find it with each other?

Tired of being ignored and made to feel unwanted by her family, Dr. Beth Seymour made a life changing decision and applied for an exchange program to Australia. She had felt alone and neglected since her mother had died and her father had remarried. Her stepmother and stepsister required all of his time. Determined to separate herself from their suffocating influence and her father's neglect, a fresh start was needed. But from the first foot she stepped into the A and E Department at Eastern Memorial Hospital, she wondered if a fresh start was all she would get. Although chastised upon arriving in the hospital by the “tyrant” of the emergency room, she saw glimpses of a kind and compassionate man under the surface. Sometimes confused by the way he blew hot and cold with his attentions, she found herself falling in love. Only his revelation of “friends only” staggered her. But if that was all she could get, so be it. When an emergency required her to return to England, she wondered. Would their fledgling love survive? Would he give her a chance to prove she was not like the fiance from his past? Or would he just break her heart and let her go?

Five years ago, Dr Matthew Harrison was on top of the world. A fabulous job, a fiance and an excellent future in medicine was stretching out in front of him, but an accident changed all that. Betrayed and abandoned, he decided to live his present and future by constantly remembering going through this pain. Now the only thing he lives for is his time spent in the A and E Department of Eastern Memorial Hospital. Angry and disappointed that life had turned out this way for him, he demanded perfection from himself and all those under him. If that made him a tyrant in their eyes, then he did not care. That is, until the new exchange doctor showed up. Feisty, intelligent, and gorgeous, he felt the first stirring of emotion for her that he had felt in five long years. He would like to have a relationship, but he knows that affection and trust will never be offered. So, friends it is. However, could he trust his judgment? Was that really what he wanted? Would she really be like his ex-fiance? Would she leave him also? But when a family emergency requires her presence in England, he asks a whole range of different questions. How could he have been such a fool? How could he have forgotten for one minute his heartbreak from five years before?

From the first turbulent beginning until the final climatic ending, an entire range of emotions was used to write a story of two people traveling a rocky road to love. Medical events provided the background with interesting details of the lives of doctors as they balanced their personal and professional lives. Secondary characters were entertaining as they related to the ongoing drama between the hero and heroine. An excellent story. Well written characters and a well thought out plot meshed to provide an entertaining tale.

I would recommend this story to all romance readers. I was given a copy for an honest review.

5/5 stars Would the future always be tainted by the past? 


Reviewed by Nas

UNLOCKING THE DOCTOR'S HEART by debut author Susanne Hampton is a Harlequin and Mills & Boon release for March 2014.

A&E Consultant, Dr Mathew Harrison is a grumpy doctor, biting off heads of his registrars. And he is so fearsome. So when exchange registrar from England arrives at his Adelaide Hospital department, he is not very happy.

Beth Seymour was all ready for a new start in Adelaide, but was not prepared for the attitude of her boss, Mathew. Yet she felt strangely attracted to him!

Could Mathew move from past distrust and betrayal to give Beth a chance? And Beth had her own past disappointment to contend with. Could she love Mathew yet leave him and go?

UNLOCKING THE DOCTOR'S HEART is a well written romance. Author Susanne Hampton did full justice to her characters. She brought to life a gorgeous but tortured hero who couldn’t give his all because of past hurts and a strong, feisty heroine who would settle for nothing less than all. The chemistry and sensuality between Beth and Mathew sizzles. The emotions depicted in the story would touch readers heart.

Highly recommended for all lovers of medical romance.

Review by TashNz
Susanne Hampton
Unlocking the Doctor's Heart

Unlocking the Doctors Heart is a wonderfully capturing medical romance about Englishwoman Dr Beth Seymour and her boss Dr Matthew Harrison, one of the most feared ER Consultants in the Australian hospital that Beth has just started at.

With the hilarious beginning of the story when Beth mistakes a patient for Matthew (which you can imagine went down like a ton of bricks) on her first day, she gains Matthew’s full attention.  Sparks fly and so begins the wonderful story which left me feeling like I’d read a darn good romance.  Beth is wonderfully feisty and has no problem standing up to Matthew and with her family issues and his broken heart from a previous relationship really has them working hard for their happy ever after.

It’s too hard to pick a few things to mention what I liked about the story because there was so many so let’s start with the cover.  I adore the cover of the edition that I was so lucky to receive.  It makes me smile, it’s inviting and just begs to be read.  I loved Beth’s light to Matthew’s dark and I really enjoyed the many medical emergencies that cropped up.  They were exciting, well explained and really added value to the main story of Beth and Matthew’s trip down the rocky path of falling in love.

I thoroughly enjoyed Susanne Hampton’s March 2014 Mills and Boon Medical Romance over a couple of evenings outside on the deck with the last of the summer’s sun shining here NZ and I would highly recommend for all Medical Romance fans and anyone who wants to try a Medical Romance but doesn’t know where to start.

Reviewed by Alexia

Great story.....I wasn't sure what to expect from this Medical Romance but it was a wonderful read.  Beth arrives at A&E Hospital as a resident.  Matthew is on his usual warpath with the staff.  Both have issues in their past that mold their characters today.  Beth and Matthew don't want to trust their hearts because they've been hurt.  This is a classic romance where you get to know a little bit about the characters of the book, and they get to know each other, before they sleep with each other.  It makes you root for their relationship to withstand any heartache.

5/5 star review

Reviewed by Maria

Susanne Hampton is a new author, for me at least.  I found her style very different.  She had two very strong, very emotional POVs in this work and writing it can’t have been easy.  Not that the story didn’t flow.  It flowed.  But when two people who have been previously hurt get together, it takes a lot of testing the boundaries to see if they can make it work. 

The author created two very real characters,  Matthew and Beth.  They were people  who I could almost see and hear.  At the time I read the book, I was extremely busy and unable to dedicate much time to reading.  Yet every time I picked up the book, the characters were instantly familiar and I could just pick up where I’d left off the previous time.  The hero was so obnoxious initially, that reading his interactions with Beth, the heroine, practically spiked my blood pressure.  It was so real, so vivid.  When they fell in love and suddenly Beth was faced with the prospect of having to return halfway around the world to assist the father who had taken her for granted most of her life, one could feel Matthew’s sense of desertion.

For me, the acid test of a romance author is how he or she handles the black moment.  That killer moment when all is lost, everything seems to have folded, the joy has evaporated and life looks barren, bleak and empty.  The author who can put the smile  back on your face in a seemingly effortless way gets my vote.  This author passed the test for sure and I look forward to reading more from her.