Turn Up The Heat by Kimberly Kincaid

Turn Up the Heat (Pine Mountain, #1)

Reviewed by Alexia

Kimberly Kincaid's "Turn Up the Heat" is an amazing love story. Bellamy is having a rough day...she works with the boss from hell known as Bosszilla.  Her boyfriend accepted a job in California but didn't tell her about it she found out from her 2 best friends.

Needing some time away the girls decide on a getaway weekend at a resort and en-route to the resort Bellamy's car breaks down.

When Bellamy gets into town she meets Shane, the mechanic.  Many different things come into play at this point of their initial relationship.

Bellamy is honest about her feelings and what is going on with her life.  She feels that Shane is too but he is keeping something private about his past.

Can their relationship survive the past coming forward?  Can Bellamy trust that love is meant to be for her? This is a wonderful love story with many twists that needs to be read.

5/5 star review