A Question of Honor by Kate Walker

A Question of Honor

Reviewed by Desere

The setup in this read is a simple yet very intriguing one. We have Princess Clementina who takes off to England to help a friend, but this little bit of information she keeps as a secret.

So naturally we have her 'loving' father worried that she might be running from the arranged marriage he so nicely and with all intentions of love arranged for her.

Enter crown Prince Karim al Khalifa, his mission is simple, retrieve the Princess and bring her home so she can marry the man her father chose. Karim is a man of honor and no matter how much he wants to strip Clementina naked and shower her with kisses he resists and complete's the task at hand bringing the runaway princess home.

Once home things take a sudden turn and Clementina is free. Karim tracks her down, and this time it's all about having the woman he wants and craves so badly and his honor seems a distant memory, but once in his arms will Clementina be able to forget about the honor-excuse he used to resist her the first time around or did he just come after her for sex?

The heroine in this book was remarkable, one of those woman you know is strong and no matter what comes her way she will face it, because let's be honest no woman really wants to marry some man she has been "engaged" to since the age of 13. We all deserve to meet and fall in love with someone we chose and not whom our parents think we do, but unfortunately this practice does happen in some countries and I have always felt so sad for these woman that is breaks my heart, but thankfully the author took it to the next level and let's fate intervene, giving us a heroine that stands up for what her heart believes in.

The hero in this book was superb! I loved him from start to finish, his upholding honor personality was terrific especially because he has been through so much and here comes the woman of his dreams and tempts him into very sexy thoughts and he has to sit there and force himself to remember she belongs to another, that shows some serious levels of willpower.

Through both characters the author showed that there is a will and a way to find what you seek, but you have to be willing to go with the flow so to speak, because fate can always have a different plan lurking in the background ready to unfold when you least expect it. Don't give up hope, keep believing that it will all work out and never ever keep your feelings in your heart, stand up and shout it out to the world you never know by making your feelings known you might just save yourself from heartache.

I recommend this read for all Kate Walker fans, the author has taken a unique 'give us a story with a bang combined with emotional and heartwarming passion' trait and created a stunning romance of love finally found when no one was looking.

4 star review
" He questions his honor, she makes him forget it ever existed" 
Review by Janie 

A Question of Honor by Kate Walker 4 out of 5 stars. This is a quick and easy read if you're looking for something to take with you on Summer vacation. 

Clemmentine was promised into marriage by her father. She knows that she must do her duty for the family honor but runs away to have one last chance for freedom and to spend time with someone who is very close to her heart. She knows that once she is bound by her marriage that she may never see this person again. Karim has promised to bring Clemmentine "Clemmie" to her fiance. It is a sense of honor to his family that he is doing this for her betrothed Nabil. She would be Queen but she doesn't want the title. 

A freak storm strands them together overnight before they are able to make their way to her new home. The sexual tension between Clemmie and Karim becomes apparent to them both. Bound by honor Karim doesn't allow himself but a brief moment and vows to take her safely to Nabil. When Nabil finds out that she spent time alone with Karim he doesn't believe that nothing happened between them and he sends her away.

Karim follows her back home and knows that he can now, and with a clear conscience pursue her. Does their story have a happy ending? You'll need to find out for yourself. You'll also find out why she ran away in the first place and just who this person is that is close to her heart.

4/5 star review 

Reviewed by Nas

A QUESTION OF HONOR by author Kate Walker is a June release from M&B Modern and Harlequin Presents series.
Karim al Khalifa went to bring back Clementina Saveneski to her betrothed to be the Queen of her nation. Yet, meeting her had such an impact on him that his honor is brought in question.

Clemmie wanted freedom before being tied down in marriage as she was sold in exchange for peace treaties for her country when she was small. But meeting Karim when he comes to take her back, she wants just one more night. And with him, will he agree?

A QUESTION OF HONOR is a spellbinding romance. It is a story that will stay with a reader long time after she closes the book. It has that momentous impact by all the emotion depicted in this romance. Another shimmering and mesmerizing romance full of breathtaking sensuality from author Kate Walker.

Highly recommended for all readers of romance.


Review by TashNz

We readers are so lucky to have Kate Walker write stories for us such as A Question of Honor.  Kate has an incredible talent of plaiting together emotive, captivating and intense stories and Karim and Clemmies is no different.

I was engaged from page one when Prince Karim arrives unannounced at Clemmies door... "You know why I'm here" and indeed Clemmie does.  She's about to turn 23 in 9 days which means it's time for her to return home and marry the husband her father has chosen for her which in turn will unite two kingdoms and lil Princess Clemintina will become Queen.

The attraction is instant, two magnets instant, but Prince Karim is only here to pick up the package and deliver her safely into the hands of another man so he must dig deep and honor Clemmie and honor his duty. Prince Karim is there to do a job.  He wants it done asap and isn't prepared for Clemmie and the instant attraction he feels. It's a battle to think straight and get the job done. I thought he was well described and felt for him regarding his past. I liked Clemmie's heart on her sleeve attitude and thought she was a great light to Karim's dark. 

Kate packs so much emotion and intenseness into A Question of Honor her talents as a writer shine through because Karim and Clemmies passion is instant, and written the way it was, quite believable.  The story more focused more on the turmoil they have to go through to get to their happy ever after. I did wonder how they would get to their seemingly impossible happy ever after and am happy the way it played out.  I also loved how there was truck loads of interaction between Karim and Clemmie.  And I must mention the snowstorm/snakes and ladders scene - I thought it was incredible that such a normal sounding scene could be written with such flair and as a reader I was mesmerised.

This was a thoroughly lovely and enjoyable quick read which I enjoyed on a beautiful Saturday morning here in NZ. I am honored (no pun intended) to receive an ARC from Kate, and will definitely be reading A Question of Honor again.