Touched to the Heart by Elsa Winckler

Touched To The Heart

Reviewed by Desere

All woman and men know that when it comes to dating, it's never a smooth ride. You meet some real toads and for most of us it so happens that you have to kiss at least a dozen toads before one of them turns into prince charming or the Cinderella of your dreams.

In the latest read from South African author Elsa Wincker she takes us on a journey of two people who have both had to endure the high's and low's of dating.

Physiotherapist Caitlin has kissed enough toads to last her a lifetime, and if she did not have bad luck with men she would have no luck at all. She decides to as many woman today, blog about her experiences.  But then her life abruptly changes whist on duty at the annual Wines to Whales bicycle race, she bumps into the very gorgeous talk-dirty-to-me Don Cavallo.

He sends her heart racing, her hormones dancing and gives her a all time high she has been missing with all other men, but Don is not your average guy. He's one of the four Cavallo brothers, these men run a multi-million dollar hotel industry and they are just as famous for being rich as they are for the arm candy that accompany their lifestyle.

Don has been through this " I am so lost in your eyes, all I see is you" situation before, Caitlin might have set his body aflame when she touched him but he for darn sure is not falling for any of it, he knows woman only want him for his status and nothing more.

But even with them both being burned before neither one seems to be able to ignore the raging passion blazing between them, and soon playing with fire is all that matters, or is it?

I very much enjoyed this heartfelt read, it had lovely characters that were very realistic, and I felt very connected to them all. Don was the kind of hero you know from the first introduction has a lot more to give then what he let's on, but of course it is understandable with him being rich and not trusting woman. What I immensely enjoyed was seeing him try his hardest to practically erase Caitlin from his thoughts but not being able to ignore that little bit of a nagging voice that keeps reminding him that Caitlin is something special and what his heart has been seeking for.

The character of Caitlin was remarkable, as we woman know when date after date ends with you rather wanting to run away from the guy instead of to him, it get's to you after a while and you would rather avoid the dating scene all together. So her really being able to act on her instinct instead of thinking " This guy clearly does not trust me and I better give it up now before am too hooked" was really awesome.

The backdrop settings were extremely enjoyable, it was like having a personal tour guide and seeing South Africa through the eyes of another, well done Elsa!

The dialogue ranged from sweet and slow to fast paced and sinfully sexy. I am taking away a message of people are not always what or who you think they are, yes it could turn out that they hurt you , but one person is not the other, everyone is different and everyone deserves to have your attention , it's the only way you will discover if they are real, if you turn your back on them it might turn out you just waked away from the only true happiness you ever had a shot at.

I recommend this read for romance fans that enjoy a sweet, sensual and heartfelt romance with just that touch of sexy heat that sends our romance readers hearts into a flutter. Elsa Wincker has once again shown why she not only creeps into her readers hearts but sets up permanent residence!

4.5 star review
" One touch leads to a whole new race for love"