Crown Prince, Pregnant Bride by Kate Hardy

Reviewed by Nas

CROWN PRINCE, PREGNANT BRIDE by author Kate Hardy is August 2014 release by Harlequin Presents series.

Indigo Moran met Lorenzo Torelli at a friend’s house and they decided to have a fling as they knew their relationship couldn’t go long as Lorenzo was a king in waiting.

But getting back to his kingdom Lorenzo decided to bring Indigo as he loved her and couldn’t live without her. Would Indigo let Lorenzo make that decision for her? And what of Indigo’s secret? What would Lorenzo say to a baby out of wedlock?

CROWN PRINCE, PREGNANT BRIDE is a sweet royal romance. I loved the tender feelings portrayed by author Kate Hardy. It is a heartwarming tale of two opposites falling for each other. Kate Hardy’s expert penmanship would keep a reader reverted to the story till the last page.

Recommended for all lovers of romance.

Reviewed by Desere 

Some say that love happens with just one look, in the case of Indigo Moran it does not quite work out that way. She takes one look into the eyes of a dark and mysterious stranger, snaps his picture and voila all chaos breaks out. Who does he think he is anyway, a Prince?

Later that night Indigo finds out that yes the mysterious stranger is in fact a Price, Crown Price Lorenzo Torelli of Melvante to be exact.

As Crown Prince, Lorenzo 's duties lies with his country and his people. It's what he was brought up to do, it's a duty he cannot escape but one kiss with Indigo and he knows that one unforgettable night will never be enough to rid his soul of the overwhelming feelings he feels for her.

It's bring her home and make her his wife, simple and easy journey to romance, right? No way this is a Kate Hardy book and she knows how to spice it up, you see Indigo has a secret that's about to turn Lorenzo's perfectly orchestrated life into the musical of the year, complete with loads of drama.

This book was the perfect fairy tale read, it had the chance meeting, the secrets, the passionate affair, the obstacles, the For Crown and Country and is the perfect example of just why I read romance.

Both main characters were fun and witty in their own unique manner, and their connection was so very real it had me in tears, and it again showed just why this author is a master when it comes to creating a romance read so powerful it takes the reader to new heights of happiness. The read was so much more than just two characters meeting and a modern day fairy tale being brought to life.

Extremely emotional, sweet and sensual , sweet and so very charming. I especially loved that the author gave Indigo a low self esteem, I know it sounds bad but let me explain. The entire low self esteem drama showed the character of Indigo as real, we have all either been there of know someone that has had their self esteem blown to bits because of something that happened in the past. Some eventually get over it, sadly there are others that never fully recover, but with the help, understanding and love of others self esteem can be re-built into a person that has confidence to the point where it simply shines from within.

And that is exactly what Lorenzo, (btw Kate I love that name, it is one of the sexiest I have ever come across and definitely royal material) does and that made him even more attractive than any other Prince I have come across in romance reads. I truly enjoyed the character of Lorenzo, kind, caring, masterful, commanding when needed and perfectly balanced.

If you are in need of a blissful afternoon of romance, this is the perfect read, or even if you just dream of meeting a Prince!

I highly recommend this read for all fans of modern day fairy tale romance reads. Sweet, sensual, captivating and simply a true diamond of a read!

5/5 star review
" The Crown Prince is knocked down from his throne by just one look, and he craves more"