The Honeymoon Arrangement by Joss Wood

The Honeymoon Arrangement (Mills & Boon Modern Tempted)

Reviewed by Desere

Travel journalist Finn Banning has bagged the honeymoon trip of  lifetime, three weeks, loads of expensive all stops pulled out experiences. It's just the deal he needs to make headlines in his travel - writing career. The problem? His fiancee has just walked out on him , and well showing up at the honeymoon destinations alone won't look all that good now will it?!

By a twist of fate, he comes across the bubbly and total flirt Callie again, when he met her few months ago, he thought her sexy and trouble with a capital T , but he was happily engaged and left it as a flirt to pass the time experience.

Seeing her again not only get's his hormones hitting the red lines of passion and attraction but also sparks an idea, she will be the perfect fake wife!

Callie doesn't like the idea of playing fake wife to super sexy Finn, but the arrival of her painful past sends her grabbing hold of the opportunity with both hands! Enjoy the getaway and bonus have some fun between the sheets and get lost in the magical kisses of Finn. He doesn't want a relationship, neither does she, it's perfect, let lose,  have great sex and then cut loose. Easy right?

I very much enjoyed this read, the little spark of conflict here and there was great entertainment. I adored the passionate attraction between Finn and Callie, it was like reading about firecrackers going up in the air, exploding and then suddenly re-exploding all over again, super hot!

The character of Callie was really fun and made the read very lively. Her sparkling, go with the flow, make the best of every situation attitude had me in stitches the one minute but breaking my heart the next, because I knew it was only a form of defense against hurt.  I loved that the author showed how we all have different ways of coping, but that at some point no matter what form of coping mechanism we use it simply falls flat.

The character of Finn, was awesome! I loved his free spirited persona. I really enjoyed him trying not to fester on the past and his relationship failure, and instead try to be more like Callie by just going with the flow and enjoying the moment. What really got to me was how the author let him push Callie to talk about her past, but still keep it light and simple enough to make it still sound all about sex and nothing more, not the perfect scenario for any woman, but it totally worked because it kept the read fun and added that certain level of sexiness with a twist all the while entertaining me as the author only here and there hinted into his past and what would ultimately get him to reveal all to Callie.

The backdrop settings were described with exquisite detail and I could actually hear the lions roaring and felt the cool night air touch my skin.  I am taking away a message of when it comes to any relationship , one that's just for sexual fun or a very real this is us in it for the long haul one, you always need to lay out all your cards on the table, if you don't you will never win.  There will always be another winner, another game but if you don't give it all up, you will always walk away as the looser.

I recommend this read for all fans that love a romance with a fun and crazy plot , terrific characters, great emotion and fabulous hot passion. Mrs Wood has once again proven her magical South African charm and wit deliverers a romance filled with sassy, sexy , very much romantic hanky-spanky fun!

4 star review
" Hot sex, wine and the night's stars, it's just a fake honeymoon, right? "