Stone Castles by Trish Morey

 Stone Castles

Reviewed by Desere

For ten years Pip Martin has been pushing the limits pursuing a prestigious career in New York. Then she returns to Yorke Peninsula to say farewell to her dying grandmother. She doesn't want to linger, she wants to get into town unseen, say goodbye to her grandmother, say hi to her best friends and then get out and back to her perfect happy life in New York, which not only includes the perfect job but the perfect sexy hot friend Chad , that comes with all the right benefits a climb to the top of the corporate ladder girl like her needs.

But life is never that simple and not only is the whole town aware of her arrival, but so is her childhood sweetheart, Luke Trenorden. He was her everything, until the night he betrayed her and tore their lives apart.

Seeing Luke again awakens the feelings from the past, but it also brings back the memories of a long kept secret, a secret she has been trying to solve for far too long. Then the answer is revealed and Pip has to decide is she 's going to go back to being the corporate goal getting career woman she's become or if she's ready to be the woman she was meant to be, the one only Luke can see.

This read was all about stunning emotion, that drew me in from the first page and held my attention right through to the end. I laughed and I cried my eyes out , and I got my heart broken over and over again, and then the author pieced me back together again with remarkable wonder.

I adored the character of Luke, he's the kind of hero that deserves happiness but every time it is or has been in reach something happens to tear it away, and this completely broke my heart. I wanted to grab hold of this man and hug him tight, tell him it will all be okay he just needs to hang in there. But as we all know, saying the words never really means anything because they are just words. Through this character the author showed that when we believe that everything we do is wrong and happiness is not in the cards for us, it's one of the biggest mistakes we can make, because it 's not us but life's way of steering us to where we need to be or in the case of Luke keeping us where we are meant to be so that we are there for the one that needs us the most when the time comes.

The character of Pip was at first the really, " Oh man a stuck up NY diva heroine". And I did not immediately like her at all. But as the read progressed and the author let me in on her past I could clearly start to see why she's so focused on her career instead of happiness. It broke my heart when the author revealed the hurt she had faced in the past. Through this character the author showed how the hurt from the past is essential in life to teach us what we should be reaching for. We lose our way but when life offers up the right goals we should be chasing , the trick is to stop, listen and then act instead of ignoring the signs and simply sticking to the game of pushing for what we want instead of what we need.

This book was filled with so many wonderful emotions, brought to life with vivid color by the author. It tells the journey of self discovery, romance rekindled, lessons learned, secrets and mystery keeping people apart and bringing forth a new life for all.

I recommend this read for all fans of reading. Deep emotion that will bring you many tears of joy and sorrow, give you a new zest for life, have you believing in love, friendship, family and teach you that the past is simply that, what's in the past is not what will bring you the future you deserve, it's about letting go and chasing the dreams of your heart and not those bouncing around in your mind. This author knows how to climb deep into the very soul of life!

4.5 star review
" He breaks down the stone castles around her heart, but does she have what it takes to venture outside?" 


Reviewed by Nas

 STONE CASTLES by author Trish Morey is a December 2014 release by Pan McMillan.

Pip Martin had everything she wanted back in New York. A high flying job she loved and great life. So when she came back to the deathbed of her Grandma, why did she feel something was lacking? Was it to do with Luke Trenorden, the man she had walked away from ten years ago?

Luke certainly felt the spark rekindle for Pip, but would it bring them close or shatter any chances of them ever finding happiness? Then the big secret is out. Will it destroy Pip now?

STONE CASTLES moves along very fast. This is a second chance story with first loves. Pip and Luke had emotional baggage they were keeping hidden. This tale takes a reader deep into both the characters’ psyche to discover how they are hurt by omissions of truth and lies and how they build stone castles around their hearts. It is a story that will stay with a reader long after she closes the book. It has that momentous impact by all the emotion depicted in this tale.

Recommended to all readers.