The Rules According to Gracie by Stefanie London

The Rules According to Gracie (Entangled Lovestruck)

Reviewed by Desere 

Everyone has a set of rules they live by, but temptation holds no regard for rules. In the latest read from author Stefanie London we meet Gracie Green.

She has shopping lists full of rules for men, career,financials and family.The longest of these lists is the one used to determine a guy's suitability . She 's already disappointed her socialite mother once, so now she needs to find Mr. Perfect. Too bad she keeps getting distracted by her super-sexy, six-feet-of-hunky-delicious-tattooed-hotness friend, Des.

Bar owner instead of yacht owner, tattooed with drooling sexiness instead of drenched in cash, Des is all shades of Mr Wrong. And he never get's involved with society girls. Yet there is something about Gracie that draws him near. It could be her lush curves, the sensual lips, or her ridiculous ability to date the wrong guys, it could be a number of other things, either way he can't seem to not want her.

As Gracie 's search for Mr Right continues and discouragement grows, Des decides it's time to show this little socialite what she really needs in a man, and it has nothing to do with a briefcase and generous bank account. He'll teach Gracie the Rules According to Des, even if it means he has to break his own rule in the process.

This was a quick read, and trust me once you get started there will be no stopping. The delicious sexy attraction blossoming between Des and Gracie, is that addictive!

The character of Des was simply delicious! I loved how he slowly but surely steered Gracie from her path of searching for the perfect man. The character of Gracie was hilarious, I laughed so hard at her attempts to find the right guy and through her character the author showed that we are not meant to
please others, the only person you need to keep happy is yourself.

Through both characters the author showed that rules are needed in life, but essentially there is a time and place for the rules to implemented, because if it's all about the rules all the time, you will for darn sure miss every opportunity to find out how the other half of the world lives.  The read tells of a journey of self discover, breaking the rules and having fun, super, hot sexy fun!

I highly recommend this fabulous read, passionate, sexy, flirty and fun. This author certainly shines like a bright diamond in the romance world! Keep them coming Stefanie!

5/5 star review
"She's all about the rules, he's all about breaking every single rule and he'll start with her"