The Playboy Of Argentina by Bella Frances

The Playboy of Argentina

Bella Frances

Reviewed by Helen

The Playboy of Argentina by Bella Frances

If you love alpha heroes as much as I do you are in for a fabulous story in this book.

Rocco Hermida had a devastating childhood that left him with secrets that eat at him but with help he is now a very wealthy business man a polo playing playboy he has no intentions of ever marrying or settling down that is not the life for Rocco he has memories that he cannot let go of and unfinished business with a lady that he met years before and now she is back in his life maybe he can get over his desire for her.

Frankie Ryan has lived a good life with her parents and brothers in Ireland and she has such a passion for horses but at the age of 16 a man Rocco comes to the farm and Frankie is lost and does something that was so out of character but she is left emotionally devastated and her life changes but she gets on with it but never forgetting Rocco the hurricane.

Years later Frankie arrives at a polo match to see the ponies that had come from her horse or was it Rocco that she needed to see to try and get him out of her system but when Rocco sees Frankie that spark that heat is there instantly but Rocco is such a strong hero but Frankie is also strong but they find that once is not enough to get each other out of their systems.

This is such a wonderful story of a strong alpha hero who is so tortured and of a heroine who is strong also but can she reach Rocco's heart and bring them both so much joy. This one is a very sensual passionate and emotional journey to a beautiful HEA I loved it from page one and could not put it down. This is the first Bella Frances story I have read but it won't be the last. I highly recommend this one to lovers of strong characters and stories that will make you smile.

5/5 stars for a fabulous read

Harlequin Modern release August 2015

 Reviewed by Nas

THE PLAYBOY OF ARGENTINA by author Bella Frances is August 2015 release from Harlequin Presents series.
Rocco Hermida had rejected Francesca Ryan from his bed ten years back. Now that she was here, will he be able to reject her once again? Granted she was a teenager when he had said no, but she was no longer a teen now. Rocco was hooked and he was hooked good.

Francie had loved him when young and she loved him now, but would Rocco ever return her love? 

THE PLAYBOY OF ARGENTINA is shimmering with sensuality and emotions. Author Bella Frances has fire and passion in this story which would surprise and then hook her readers in. This romance sizzles right from the beginning.

Highly recommended for all lovers of romance.