French Fling To Forever by Karin Baine

 Reviewed by Nas

FRENCH FLING TO FOREVER by debut author Karin Baine is a September 2015 release by Mills & Boon and Harlequin Medical Romance series.
Lola Roberts, as a junior doctor needed all her concentration on her new job. She certainly can’t afford any distractions yet her handsome French boss, Dr. Henri Benoit was proving to be hard to resist. 

Henri was in for the fling only but when Lola dropped the bombshell, what would he do? Would he commit? After all, he also had come to the realization that he couldn’t let Lola walk away from him. 

FRENCH FLING TO FOREVER is a sweet medical romance. Author Karin Baine, in her own unique way brought this tale full of emotional intensity amid all the medical drama.

Recommended for all readers of medical romance.  


Reviewed by Amanda

The moment I picked up Karin Baine's debut medical romance I knew I would not be disappointed with her work. Poetic and descriptive writing, engaging dialogue, thoroughly created characters and a tightly woven plot propels FRENCH FLING TO FOREVER into the must-read, highly recommended level. 
Lola Roberts needs to stay focused. Her new job as a junior doctor demands her entire attention. She cannot entertain any distractions even if her French boss, Dr. Henri Benoit has awakened every inch of her…tempting her to divert her focus with distracting thoughts filled with only Henri. She knows she cannot resist him for long…

Henri is one hot doc! He adds sizzle and edge to this rather warm story.

Overall, FRENCH FLING TO FOREVER brings emotional drama to the medical romance series with this fulfilling story.

Recommended Read
5/5 Stars


Reviewed by Helen

French Fling to Forever by Karin Baine
This is a story that is going to hook you in from the first page junior Doctor Lola Roberts is on her first day of 6 weeks with A&E training and she needs to keep her mind on the job but when she meets her boss the very sexy and French Dr Henri Benoit she is going to have to work harder at that.

Lola has been through so much in her life and confidence does not come easy to her and with her three older brothers covering her back she knows she needs to get stronger and cope with life as a Doctor and Henri also has some issues that have made him determined to not have a long term relationship he needs to be available for his sister and her children, but there is something that pulls him towards Lola and when his niece is having problems at school and Lola helps this brings them even closer.

This is a fabulous story by debut author Karin Baine that is really well written it is sensual emotional and very heart-warming when they decide on a fling and Henri helps Lola overcome the scars that she has carried for many years and with Lola helping with Henri's niece and helping him see that it is time to think of himself this one will have you smiling and I look forward to many more stories from MS Baine.

5/5 Stars for a great story