Newborn On Her Doorstep by Ellie Darkins

Reviewed by Nas

NEWBORN ON HER DOORSTEP by author Ellie Darkins is a September 2015 release by Harlequin Romance series. 

Finding a baby abandoned on her doorstep changed Lily Baker’s life drastically. She instantly fell in love with the baby. And the stranger who came running to pick up his key. 

Nic Johnson had been there before. Lost a child and been tortured by guilt, could he do it all over again? Could he trust himself to be there for Lily if things went wrong?

NEWBORN ON HER DOORSTEP is a full-on emotional roller-coaster of a story. The emotional intensity in this romance would touch a reader’s heart and keep her hooked till the last page.

Highly recommended for all readers of romance.


Newborn on Her Doorstep
Newborn on Her Doorstep by Ellie Darkins
Elle Darkins

Reviewed by Helen

This such a lovely beautiful and emotional story one filled with sensual feelings when two people who have been through so much are instantly attracted to each other on their first meeting.

Lily Baker's life is turned completely upside down the day that a new born baby is left on her doorstep, Lily is self employed and has turned out a strong and caring person after being orphaned when she was young and this baby girl who turns out to be her niece means everything to her but can she be a proper mother and aunt to this little angel on her own, but then in steps her best friend's brother Nic.

Nic Johnson has also been through a lot losing a baby and partner he is a charity boss and does so much for children around the world but when it come to the thought of having any more children of his own that is a no go zone but the instant he meets Lily and this new born baby his life will drastically change.

This really is a story that will pull you in as both Lily and Nic along with baby Rosie will pull at your heart strings and have you smiling as they work on this instant attraction they have for each other and journey to such a beautiful HEA and a wonderful family life. I do highly recommend this one.

4/5 Stars for a beautiful story.

Reviewed by Desere

As far as unexpected situations go I think the one that pretty much always is the worst kind of wonderful is a baby. You‘re in shock, you’re thinking how, what, when, where, stupid questions because no doubt you know the answer to all of the above. But then comes the really scary part is how will I do this, can I do this? 

Now that aside imagine if you really want a family of your own, then of course an unexpected baby is not bad at all. But when it’s someone else’s baby that shows up!
It’s what you always wanted but not quite how you wanted it. In this read this is the realization for Lily Baker, she has for many years dreamed of having her very own family, but when a newborn baby accompanied by a so delicious man so hot he should have come with a warning label arrives on her doorstep, she’s thinking she got more than she wished for.

But what Lily does not know is that Nic Johnson is not the kind to love, nor is he really the father type either, not after the loss of his son.  But one kiss draws Nic to Lily like a moth to the flame, but as we all know a moth will eventually fly off, unless Lily can brink Nic’s dead heart back to life.
This was a very emotional roller coaster read, there was so much sadness mixed with happiness that I found it hard to try keep my emotions under control. The characters were well developed, the plot was a little too familiar, almost as if I have read it before which with the amount of books I read, entirely possible.

So with that in the back of my mind I went hunting though my shelf and I found the book it reminded me about, the story immediately came rushing back to mind and I immediately knew why this book was familiar, but there is a huge difference with this one, Ellie Darkins did not try to sugarcoat the tragedies in the book, she put it out for all the world to see, I felt the heartache, the drama, the sadness that nearly tears the characters apart.  The other read never had it, it’s by an unknown author and I don’t think I have ever seen her write anything else so I hope that she is out there perfecting the craft of drawing on each and every emotion the reader has to give.

To close off I will say “Well done Ellie!” you not only had me emotionally drained at the end , but also showed me that there is always happiness in tragedy , take it any way you can get it, even if it shows up on your doorstep looking sexier than sin and carrying a baby!

4.5 star review

“ Be careful what you wish for, or it might show up on your doorstep with a whole lost more than you expected!”