Traded to the Desert Sheikh by Caitlin Crews

Reviewed by TashNz
She had no warning.  First line, great line, I know immediately I’m in for a great treat... trepidation as to what I'm going to read next... can't wait! 
Kavian ibn Zayed al Talaas, ruling Sheikh of the desert stronghold Daar Talaas, has finally tracked down his fiancée in the midst of the Canadian ski fields and hauls her home.  He's decided that he wants his arranged Queen by his side.  It is said so it shall be!  Amaya is devastated she's been found, six months on the run and she's been half way around the world and back in her travels.  The last thing she wants is to be cooped up in some god forsaken desert kingdom where she will be Queen!
Kavian spends his time convincing (or trying) Amaya she will make a fantastic Queen and he is 200% certain they will make the perfect team.   Once Amaya lets him in inch by inch it's harder for her to leave but she's quite convinced for many reasons she can't be who Kavian is convinced she can be.  I loved the Sheikh Kavian was.  He was old ways to Amaya's western modernised ways with most of the action taking place in his  kingdom, the descriptions of which were incredibly realistic and aided my imagination that I was right there preparing dinner with Amaya for Kavian in the desert and I was right there during the stuffy official occasions they had to attend.
Five stars for such a strong and emotional story all of which is wrapped up perfectly in the last chapter.  It nailed exactly how Kavian is and I think the author needs a massive high five because it was quite perfect.  I wish I could quote everything Kavian said but I can’t because it's a perfect summation of why Kavian spends 11 chapters being who he is, acting how he does and saying what he does.  And it's also why I leave the incredible skill of writing to the authors because all through the book I had no idea how to sum up in words how Kavian is.  I understood how he was but had no clue how to put that in writing and then when I read the last chapter and what he said it was "hit the nail right on the head" moment.  

To finalise I give Traded to the Desert Sheikh an whole extra star for the mention of my beautiful country New Zealand, which I assume was inspired by the authors recent visit <3  What a beautiful and magical few paragraphs describing my country perfectly.  Sometimes I forget how lucky I am to live here, thank you!
6 Stars
Published by Mills and Boon Sexy September 2015 | Purchased by reviewer from Amazon Australia