Falling for Her Reluctant Sheikh by Amalie Berlin

Review by TashNz
If you’ve ever wondered what a hot and amazing Sheikh would be like portrayed as a Dr, don’t even think of not reading Falling for Her Reluctant Sheikh.  Not only is Sheikh Khalil a Dr but he’s also the reigning regent in the country Adalyn’s brother has sent her to.  Khalil’s nightmares are causing insomnia and Dr Adalyn Quinn, sleep therapist, reluctantly flies to Khalil at her brothers insistence, despite her crippling fear of flying.  The last thing Khalil wants is for Adalyn to discover his secret but Adalyn is damned if she’s going to let Khalil disappear on her when she’s flown half way around the world to monitor him.  It’s out in the desert chemistry warms the chilly night air and Adalyn and Khalil realize they both have demons to address.
A fantastic medical story which included moments of brilliance such as Adalyn’s laser light lighting up veins.  An absolutely solid read which was also full of subtle humor and conversational humor which made me smile and giggle.  I don’t  know what I adored most, Khalil, the medical scenes, the humor, the descriptive writing, the backstories or Adalyn’s brother!  (Please tell me there’s a story there).
I loved feisty rock throwing Adalyn.  What a fab character, full of spunk and humour.  Khalil (or Zain-not-Khalil) made for a brilliant everything!  He’s held down by his dreams and yet such a solid character, I loved his secret job and I adored his approach to everything.  I couldn’t put this story down because I was absolutely drawn in by the author’s incredible ability to weave a tale that held my complete attention.
Amalie, I got four quarters of pleasuretainment – your “research” was very much well worth the effort .  
A freakin brilliant story x
Harlequin Medical Romance published September 2015
5 stars 

Review by Amanda

FALLING FOR THE RELUCTANT SHEIKH by author Amalie Berlin blew my mind away!

Khalil has his dark demons to face. As the reigning prince, his duties overshadow everything else. However, even this prince has made terrible, life changing decisions. Suffering from insomnia due to nightmares of failing to save his brother, Khalil knows he needs help and soon. And the only person who can save him from the beasts roaming in the dark recesses of his soul is sleep therapist Dr. Adalyn Quinn.

Adalyn travels across the world to treat her client, Prince Khalil, on her brother's persistent urgings even though she gets the jitterbugs when flying in aircrafts. As her job at hand takes precedence, she however cannot fight the attraction towards her patient who is everything a woman can desire in a man. Khalil may have his demons but she has hers too.

Then the sparks catch fire…

As the scorching desert sun sets, a different kind of heat takes over, engulfing Khalil and Adalyn in its flames. The only thing left is for them to tackle their problems together!

Overall, I think this is a brilliant medical romance. It has the touch of extravagance and high society class to its storyline and I personally feel the author executed her writing with perfection. The dialogue is full of zest. The characters are well-developed and likable. The plot is intricately woven with high strung emotions and twists and turns due to thoroughly researched plot points. This story is definitely worth re-reading and fans are in for one heck of a medical treat!

Highly Recommended
5/5 Stars

Falling for her Reluctant Sheikh

Amalie Berlin

Reviewed by Helen
Falling for Her Reluctant Sheikh by Amalie Berlin

I really enjoyed this story it has a bit of everything in it that any romance reader will love you will smile at their banter you will shed a few tears but you will be cheering them on.

Dr Adalyn Quinn has been through a lot in her life orphaned young and left with such a fear of travel in any type of vehicle her brother Jamison who is a Doctor also does not understand this. Adalyn specializes in sleep problems and lives in New Orleans and when her brothers best friend needs help he talks Adalyn into travelling across the world to The Kingdom of Merirach to treat Prince Khalil who is a Doctor also.

Khalil has enjoyed his life being a Doctor until there is there was a war the changed his life forever he is now ruling the Kingdom but it has also left him with problems and it was starting to tell on him so when Adalyn comes to help his life changes again for the better.

I did love this story the setting the problems that both Adalyn and Khalil had that they worked together to conquer the sensual romance that was so good the for the innocent Adalyn and who doesn't love a Sheikh. This is a story that I highly recommend it really is a great story.

5/5 stars for a great story

Reviewed by Nas

FALLING FOR HER RELUCTANT SHEIKH by author Amalie Berlin is a October 2015 release by Harlequin Medical Romance series.

Dr. Adalyn Quinn, despite having a chronic fear of vehicles and airplanes, flew all the way around the world to treat Prince Khalil Al-Akkari. He had nightmares that he hid from Adalyn and was insomniac. And Adalyn was a sleep therapist. Could she reach the root of Khalil’s problems and help him sleep better?

Adalyn was gorgeous and a firebrand and intrigued Khalil. Could he keep his hands to himself, after all she was his best friend’s little sister. Could they both say no when the sizzling chemistry between them set off sparks at every step?

FALLING FOR HER RELUCTANT SHEIKH is a sizzling, shimmering romance. It is a romance full of sensuality and emotional twists and turns. Author Amalie Berlin brought to life a gorgeously sensitive but tortured hero and an emotionally damaged heroine and let them find their happy ever after with each other amid all the medical drama.

Highly recommended for all readers of medical romance.