Reunited for the Billionaire’s Legacy by Jennifer Hayward

Review by TashNz
On the eve of their divorce and after a long 12 months Coburn and Diana come face to face at Coburn’s best friend’s engagement party.  His prepared speech dead in the water, Coburn proceeds to deliver a speech  for which he won’t be thanked and which clearly shows his wife still brings out the worst in him.   They finally have their long overdue discussion which leads to a very intimate scene on a balcony and a beautifully heartbreaking one in the bedroom.  The divorce doesn’t take place but consequences of that night send Coburn on a mission around the world to retrieve Diana and haul her home determined to make his marriage work.
Diana is a surgeon (no this isn’t a medical) and her long hours had driven her and Coburn apart, in English that translates to Coburn wasn’t mature enough to share her with her demanding job, they had an image to uphold and he was selfishly sick of only being half of the image.  No this isn’t a Medical romance although a medical emergency was a pivotal moment in the book.  Flashbacks show Diana being pulled and tugged in all directions, Coburn, her job, her parents; it’s only fair she snaps.  Coburn runs the country’s largest automotive manufacturer and I love how he’s not the typical Presents hero (actually neither is Diana) but he comes through just as strong and as passionate as any other Presents hero does.  I love how he tells Diana they have soul-searching to do and I love how he does his best to give their marriage a second shot.
There are many reasons why I give this story 5 stars… the first being Jennifer Hayward has a magical way with words.  Perfect imagery and amazing little details to describe a moment…  Coburn gave his silk tie a tug so it didn’t feel as if he was choking on his own cynicism… The room was so silent you could hear the clinking of swizzle sticks as the bartenders mixed drinks… Every party, social function, night he’d come home to an empty house flashed through his head in rapid-fire succession to counter the stab of pain that lanced through him… the dagger cut through her as cleanly as her own surgeon’s scalpel…  I could do an entire emotional autopsy on you Coburn… I can just go on and on and I must also mention the start of Chapter Five when Coburn finds out about Diana’s secret.  I was right there on that street, watching the coffee cup, hoping it didn’t fall off the roof of the car and I felt the wind in my face when they sailed together later on.
Other reasons, I loved the fantastic and explosive dialogue, I was totally hooked from the first chapter and I took everything chance I could to devour the book in the weekend I started reading it.  I loved the different from normal characters and I loved the backstories and the originality of Coburn’s workplace emergency.  I loved that Coburn tried to genuinely make things work but it wouldn’t be a Presents if things were resolved easily.
Please look up the opening chapter Jennifer has put on Wattpad, the opening chapter had me hooked, I loved it and the remaining story was just as breathtaking.

5 Perfect Stars.
Harlequin Presents Published | The Tenacious Tycoons


Review by Amanda

REUNITED FOR THE BILLIONAIRE'S LEGACY by Jennifer Hayward is the second book in The Tenacious Tycoon series. It tells the story of Diana Taylor and Coburn Grant.

I personally feel Ms. Hayward has done an incredible job penning this story. With the right words the author brings out the raw emotions her characters feel, giving readers a clear perspective to the renewed romance that builds with each chapter. The characters are strong, resilient and well-developed. And for me Diana proves to be the one with the most strength and self-will to face her problems head on. Coburn has the will of a warrior and his strength and his masculine grace makes him the perfect hero for his heroine. The dialogue is edgy and the chemistry just catches fire between the pages…

Will Diana and Coburn reach the pinnacle of their HEA without obstacles distracting them or would they have to fight a battle of will to claim the happiness they so rightfully deserve?

Overall, REUNITED FOR THE BILLIONAIRE'S LEGACY is a beautiful story and the perfect escape read for fans needing a timeout from a long day of hard work. Sit back, prop your feet up and enjoy!

Recommended Read
5/5 Stars

Reviewed by Nas

REUNITED FOR THE BILLIONAIRE’S LEGACY by author Jennifer Hayward is October 2015 release by Harlequin Presents series.
Diana Taylor was looking forward to getting her divorce. She just wanted Coburn Grant to sign on the dotted line so she could be free of her marriage. And free to start life with a clean slate.

But Coburn had other ideas. And she played right in his hand when they had a last passion filled night together and it had consequences. Now Coburn wanted to try to put their marriage together again for the sake of the baby. Could Diana try it for the baby’s sake, for Coburn’s sake and for her own sake? What about Diana’s career? Would she have to give up her surgeon’s job to be there for Coburn and their family?

REUNITED FOR THE BILLIONAIRE’S LEGACY is a shimmering story of reunion. Diana and Coburn, though separated never lost the passion and chemistry and love they had for each other. Author Jennifer Hayward brought this scorching romance full of passion and emotional intensity.

Highly recommended for all readers of romance. 


Reunited for the Billionaire's Legacy / Christmas at the Cast... by Jennifer  Hayward

Reunited for the Billionaire's Legacy

Jennifer Hayward

Reviewed by Helen

This one is a story of passion and a need to be honest with each other on the eve of their divorce Diana and Coburn come face to face at a party they have managed to steer clear of each other for the past year but with Diana deciding to do something that she really wants to do to make a difference she is pulled to see her husband just before the papers are signed and this starts Coburn's blood boiling with passion.

Diana had lead a life with a father who thought nothing of having affairs and a mother that just put up with them but now she is a surgeon and a good one but when she marries billionaire Coburn Grant their marriage is hot explosive and filled with passion but neither are willing to give for each other you see Coburn's childhood was not the best either so when their marriage ends they avoid each other until now when their supposedly last night of marriage ends very pleasurably but leaves Diana pregnant this will change their lives.

This is such a great story that will pull you in and have you turning the pages as Coburn all but kidnaps Diana to an island paradise when he finds out she is pregnant to discuss their lives and that of their child there are many conflicts to overcome but their passion is still there stronger than ever but Diana wants love from Coburn the love that she still has for him, you will love their rocky journey to a HEA their honesty and the sensuality that you can feel from them is awesome. I highly recommend this story I am never disappointed with one of MS Haywards stories.

5/5 stars for a fabulous story


Review by Dottie - 5 Stars

Coburn Grant a CEO of his family company and his soon to be surgeon ex wife Diana go to the same party the day before they are to sign divorce papers. Diana and Coburn had arguments mainly about her always working as she was building her career, after one such argument she walked out and never came back. Since Coburn has not seen her since , Sounds like it would be an interesting party to be at, true because they find themselves in a discussion that moves to Coburn's apartment and then to yes you guessed it bed. 

Coburn decides at the lawyers office that he wants more time before he signs the divorce which angers Diana as she wants to start new by going to Africa with Doctors without borders, that sounds like a plan but she finds out two weeks after her one night with Coburn that she is pregnant. She leaves for Africa anyway and a misplaced call lets Coburn know about the pregnancy. So he flies to Africa to bring her back feeling like in his words "he entered an alternate universe where condoms failed on the one night you had sex with your ex , who you were now tied to for at least the next two decades". Coburn is incredible any women can only wish they had someone that would love them like he does Diana, at times too much but he is to die for when you realize how much he loves her. Coburn and Diana both have family issues that have clouded their understanding of love however their love for each other is so deep that no matter what it will survive. 

That is all I will tell you readers about this story because its an incredible book by Jennifer Hayward that only reaffirms what an amazing talented author she is. Jennifer gave me this book for an honest review and I cannot thank her enough because I have loved all her books and this one is another fantastic one. I would give it more than 5 stars if I could. This is the second book of Grant brothers and I knew in the first that Coburn had to have his own story. I thank her for the book and thank you for Coburn he is a keeper. Never miss a Jennifer Hayward book they are everything a romance reader could ask for and more. A KEEPER.

Review by Hina - 4 Stars

Diana and Coburn are about to divorce after a long separation and it is time that everything be settled between them for them to finally move forward (not really the case for Coburn).

Seeing each other at Coburn's friend's engagement ceremony - which I must mentioned that Coburn ruined with his Best Man speech - they could not resist once more tumbling into bed. The chemistry still has a high sizzle and sparkle. A tumble that has consequences.

*I don't think that is giving away anything because the cover as much already.

Well... back to what I think.

Without informing her husband, (yes, husband. He won't sign the papers. Totally believes she is hiding something and he is so on the mark with that.) Diana goes off to the Africa to help people. Did I mention she is a doctor? She is! Though there were times when all she wanted was a career in the City but now is running away. Running away from Coburn. Woman just stand and fight for your man.

But, the cat gets out of the bag and Coburn finds out about the baby. How can he let his baby suffer in the wilds of Africa, right? They are thinking more about each other rather than the baby at the moment to be honest.

In the guise of making a perfect home for the baby, they work out their differences and welcome their little one along with their forever after

Reviewed by Desere 

No one really ever wants to get a divorce, yes sure you do if your husband has gone from kissing you senseless to knocking you senseless , so sure sometimes there is a good reason but for the most part I think it’s never really a I want to.

But imagine for a second if you really do for whatever reason, and it gets denied? Heck what do you do then?  That’s the reality Diana Taylor has to face, her marriage to playboy Corburn Grant was short, passionate and blazed brighter than the sun, until the reality of their worlds kick in.
Years later , it has come to either we just continue this mess or we end it, so Corburn finally agrees to a divorce, but then who wants to let his or her partner walk away without one last fling amongst the sheets? Not these two, but their last night seals their fates when Diana becomes pregnant. 

Now what?
Diana knows what, she will never get Corburn to sign the papers and she will never get away from him. Being whisked away to a paradise island and having to deal with the ever growing always persistent huger between them certainly does not help her quest. Will he win her back again or will she once again want to run?

In the start of the book I really did not like Coburn, but as the author started to show him as he truly was I got quite the kick out of his little antics. Diana was fun and creative, I really liked her “Oh word what do I do now” moments of panic, I felt sorry for her of course, but it was very entertaining to see how the author got her through those moments of panic.

A brilliantly written read of life aiming a curveball and striking its target head on!  Beautiful plot with exquisite emotion, tears, joy, passion, heartache, frustration you name it this book had all of the emotions that make an A class romance read.

One thing that struck me as particularly fun was the intense fire between the characters, I have felt that in this author’s other books but this time it was more amplified, almost as if the author has found some new way of expressing herself, the fire was intense, in your face and very much leapt from the pages, the read was alive!

I highly recommend this read for all fans of romances. Jennifer‘s books are like diamonds, they will always, always be the magic to make hearts melt!

5/5 star review
“ Reunited in the heat of passion, but will it see them to the end?”