Seducing His Enemy's Daughter by Annie West

Reviewed by Nas

SEDUCING HIS ENEMY’S DAUGHTER by author Annie West is October 2015 release by Harlequin Presents series.

Donato Salazar just wanted revenge and agreed to marry his enemy’s daughter. But he hadn’t counted on actually marrying her, his plan was to reject and jilt her.

Yet, Ella Sanderson was not the person he thought she would be. She was not interested in marrying him at all. And all his wealth made no difference to her. Could Donato persuade her to marry him? She wanted distance from him as it was her only defense against the feeling Donato was taking over her world. Could she let him in her heart? Ever?

Because as her man logic told her not to trust Donato, he was the one man who was protective of her. And as Donato found it was far easier to lose himself in passion rather than analyzing all the feelings he developed for Ella.

SEDUCING HIS ENEMY’S DAUGHTER is a romance with high emotional tension and intensity. Yet it has some sweet and tender moments as well. Author Annie West brought this shimmering and sensational story filled with enough chemistry and tension to satisfy a reader and make her escape.

Highly recommended for all readers of romance.


Seducing His Enemy's Daughter

Annie West

Reviewed by Helen

What a fabulous story from a sinfully sensual seduction for revenge to such a beautiful moving HEA this is a story not to be missed.

Donato Salazar has had such a sad and tragic past he has been through so much, things that would break another man but not Donato if anything it has made him stronger in some ways but there is a lot that he keeps well locked in a corner in his mind, that is until he meets the one person that he is planning on jilting with his plans of revenge for her father. Can he open up and learn to love that one special person.

Ella Sanderson is the rebellious child in this family she has walked away from her over bearing and selfish father but when she is summoned home and all but blackmailed into doing something to save her brother and sister she does what is needed with no intention of going through with the plans. But when she meets the man that her father is setting her up with there is an instant spark of electricity that could light up the Sydney Harbour Bridge and this starts journey to opening up and honesty as they bring out the best in each other.

This is a beautiful moving and yes very sensual journey as both Donato and Ella open up to each other and Ella becomes more confident in herself and Donato learns to love again and they learn that they have so much in common as well as such a deep and joyous love for each other, this is a story that I could hardly put down and wanted to get to the end but when I did I wanted more. Another of MS West's to add to the keeper shelf I do highly recommend this one.

5/5 Stars for and awesome story


Reviewed by Amanda

Annie West knows just how to draw her readers into her stories. SEDUCING HIS ENEMY’S DAUGHTER is deliciously wicked and devastatingly hot! Donato and Ella felt so real you just want to meet.

All Donato Salazar had on his mind when he agreed to marry his enemy’s daughter was revenge. His intention had been to jilt his bride-to-be at the altar. But when Ella Sanderson refuses his proposal, Donato sets out to show her every reason why she should say yes, one touch at a time. He truly wants her.

Ella could see right through Donato Salazar’s guise. She knows what he is capable of so no wonder she refused his marriage proposal. However, when she starts to find pleasure in spending time with this super sexy man, Ella discards her rebellious nature by falling helplessly for Donato’s seduction. She knows she shouldn’t want him yet…her heart and body yearns for him like no other and accepting his proposal doesn’t seem like a big deal just then!

The chemistry between Donato and Ella bursts off the pages, making this story an entertaining and fun read!

Highly Recommended
5/5 Stars

Reviewed by Desere

Being a pawn or rather finding out you’re nothing but a pawn in someone else’s game is enough to make any person’s blood boil. Heck I would think that I would most likely go more than a little nuts, and afterwards not get blamed for losing my cool. But what I was thinking when I started this read, is that I wonder if the pawn ever stops afterwards to really think about why they were the pawn in the first place?

I know there is naturally always a reason, but how does that person see it as justified? Of course I will never know, but I will say that the author certainly sent my mind into overdrive. Now onwards to the story.

We meet Donato Salazar, he cannot forget his tragic past and he has not intension of ever forgiving the man responsible either, he is so intent on making the man pay that jilting his enemy’s daughter will be more like icing on the cake then blood in the water, and besides beautiful Ella Sanderson is a treat he will certainly enjoy.

But there is a little hiccup in his plan, you see Ella isn’t the vacuous socialite he expected, and she straight out refuses to marry him! This refusal in turn only makes Donato more determined to have her, so out comes the charm, the promises and the seduction of a life time. Soon he finds himself completely enthralled by their magnetic connection and his game of pawns for revenge becomes one of surviving love without falling.

And as time goes on and their wedding day approaches, it comes down to love, honor or betray?
This was one of those classic romance reads that sucked me in and once there I could not escape not even if you paid me a billion dollars would have stopped reading! It was that good!!

It starts as a super sexy revenge fueled romance but became so much more. It’s a story of forgiveness, trust, understanding and realization of there is more to life then fighting your enemy till you have it all. And life is about fighting your way to top ,pulling yourself out from the slumps of hell, but not at the expense of someone else’s happiness, even if that person is the very reason you were in hell in the first place , stop and ask yourself if it’s really worth it. So you had to fight to get to the top, you might have done things no human ever wants to do, but what will you gain from revenge? Happiness or hatred from those you thought you to be a better person?

I loved the characters, I will admit that Donato was my favorite, yes I know he’s an evil no good set on revenge idiot, but there’s a reason for it all, sure he takes all the wrong reasons into account but he also learns , he learns to see the light through the eyes of Ella.

Tremendously great story, fantastic, mesmerizing and one for the record books! I highly recommend this one for all fans that want romance with the ultimate kick of pure delight! 

5/5 star review

“  Revenge turns into romance, but will it end that way?”