The Marriage He Must Keep (The Wrong Heirs) by Dani Collins

The Marriage He Must Keep
by Dani Collins
Reviewed by TashNz

You know when you have a million chores to do but you've got a new book so you sit down with your morning coffee and have a quick squiz? Then the day goes by and you're glaring at anyone who dares to interrupt what could be the most amazing story ever? Yeah that! That is what I felt when I sat down for a quick squiz at Dani Collins's The Marriage He Must Keep!

The opening chapters had me on the edge of my seat! The emotion I was feeling probably came from being a Mum myself but that doesnt matter, I was so emotionally moved and gripped by what was taking place that I had to tweet the author and tell her! 

Octavia's newborn baby is swapped at the hospital and it's a brilliant set up for Book 2 of the Wrong Heirs Series. Just enough info is shared to know that Book 2 is going to be just as exceptional! With her husband, Alessandro on the other side of the world Octavia's feeling like she's battling a lost cause! No one is listening to her, she KNOWS this baby is not hers! 

Alessandro arrives like a whirlwind demanding answers and it's not long before it's revealed his horrible cousin is behind the baby swap. Alessandro not believing her is pretty much the last straw for Octavia, she's had enough of her marriage of convenience, she's had enough of his family and she's had enough of not being herself and tells Alessandro it's over. 

Alessandro loves his wife though and spends the book trying to put out fires his family has caused as well as try and keep the marriage he wants so badly. As family secrets are unveiled, loyalties tested and the whole world against them, The Marriage He Must Keep is a thoroughly entertaining, emotional, gripping and edge of seat read. Among all this is Alessandro and Octavia's little bundle of joy Lorenzo who was quite the addition to the story. He adds to the story line as does the other swapped baby Enrique. 

The ending of the story was just as entertaining, gripping and emotional as the beginning of the story and I'm actually really sad to reach a close on Alessandro and Octavia's story. I'm very much looking forward to seeing them again Book 2, Enrique's parents story.

Thank you Dani Collins for writing such a fantastic, original and throughly rewarding story. I loved it! 

Harlequin Presents Published January 2016

The Wrong Heirs Series

Reviewed by Nas

THE MARRIAGE HE MUST KEEP by author Dani Collins is a December 2015 release by Harlequin Presents series.

Alessandro Ferrante married Octavia not expecting much. He was surprised when he felt himself falling in love with her. Then he sent her away to London for her delivery. But the baby they put in her hands were not hers after delivery. She knew it. But couldn’t convince anyone of this truth. Even her husband didn’t seem to believe her.

But upon checks, they did find that she was right and someone did a baby swap. Could she ever trust Alessandro’s family ever again now?

THE MARRIAGE HE MUST KEEP is a sensational story full of unexpected twists and turns. . It is a romance filled with red-hot passion yet sweet and tender moments too. Author Dani Collins did a great job of bringing Octavia and Alessandro together when it seemed it was impossible for them to ever reach a compromise.

Highly recommended for all readers of romance. 


Review by Amanda

The first book in Dani Collins brand new duet – The Wrong Heirs- is steamy, intense and passionate. In, The Marriage He Must Keep, we meet Alessandro, Octavia and some other very interesting characters who all add drama and tension between the pages.

Octavia never saw herself marrying the head of the Ferrante clan. In fact it was Sandro’s cousin, Primo who her father had chosen as her groom. But the moment Octavia laid eyes on Alessandro she knew she would never want another man as much as she wants him. When she and Sandro dance for the first time the chemistry sizzles and when he suggest she marry him she says yes. After their marriage, they share passionate nights in each other’s arms and Octavia gets pregnant. But for some reason Octavia and Sandro are exiled from each other. They live miles apart, she in the London mansion and he in Italy. At the mansion also lives Sandro’s mother and Primo, the evil conniving Primo. When Octavia goes into labor, she begs Primo to call an ambulance but Primo stalls because he has his own intentions. But as the pain grips her, Octavia calls the emergency number. She is rushed to the hospital where she gives birth to a son. However, when Octavia goes to the nursery to feed her baby she realizes something…the baby she’s holding isn’t hers. Even as she insists to the nurses the baby isn’t hers they assure her otherwise. From here on, the plot thickens and events, revelations and truths start to spiral out of control. This brings Octavia and Sandro closer. With their newborn son keeping them rooted, the story moves along with a good steady pace. Overall, The Marriage He Must Keep by Dani Collins will hook you from page one. It is intricately woven in such a way that tension, drama and angst rolls off the pages!

Highly Recommended
5 Stars


The Marriage He Must Keep

Dani Collins

The Marriage He Must Keep by Dani Collins

Reviewed by Helen

This is a fabulous story the first in a duet by an author who knows how to bring the characters to life and brings out the sensuality that sparks between the hero and heroine Alessandro Ferrante and his wife Octavia theirs was an arranged marriage because there is no way Alessandro wants to be in love and live the way his parents did, and Octavia an only child who always did what made her parents happy they thought they were content until the birth of their baby shows what a strong person Octavia can be and what lengths both will go to, too love.

This story will have you pulled in from page one as Octavia goes into labour and with her husband's cousin Primo is being his nasty self and then when babies are swapped at the hospital Octavia really stands her ground it is a side that Alessandro has not seen before oh she has always been sensual in bed but this really makes him take notice and when their marriage looks to be heading in the wrong direction with the help of Primo, Alessandro knows that he must do all that he can to keep this marriage for all of their sakes seeing Alessandro finally lose control and admit love is so good you will be smiling.

I loved this one from start to finish it truly is a fabulous read one that you should not miss and seeing as it is the first in a duet I am really looking forward to Sorcha's story the mother of the other baby. My recommendation don't miss this one sit back and enjoy.

5/5 stars for a fabulous read

Published December 15th 2015 by Harlequin