Unlocking Her Boss's Heart by Christy McKellen

Reviewed by Nas

UNLOCKING HER BOSS’S HEART by author Christy McKellen is a January 2015 release by Harlequin Romance series.
Cara Winstone goes out for a new job interview. But her arrogant boss, though hires her, yet doesn’t seem to want her there.

Max Firebrace, after losing his wife, wants to be left alone. He doesn’t want anyone around him yet he hires Cara because he gave his word. Cara’s optimistic look and happiness grates on his nerves, yet he doesn’t really know what Cara is hiding under her too-bright smile.

UNLOCKING HER BOSS’S HEART is a sweet romance about past grief and second chance at love and happy ever after. Author Christy McKellen did a wonderful job of bringing Cara and Max together with all the obstacles they had in their way.

Recommended for all readers of romance. 


Review by Amanda

Max Firebrace lives a reclusive life ever since his wife passed away one and a half years ago. But when his friend’s cousin shows up at his front door seeking to work as his PA, Max never expected his life would change drastically. Cara Winstone is a determined and vibrant woman. When she sells her skills to Max on his front door she is lucky the broody businessman gives in and allows her for a ‘try out’ at the job. She passes. However, just as Cara starts to earn enough money to pay her rent, the landlord informs her she must move out of her London apartment. She crashes for a while at a friend’s house but insomnia takes a toll on her and Max notices. At first Max is cold and standoffish towards Cara and he makes Cara to know he will not tolerate her sudden lack of efficiency at work. When he finds out the real reason behind Cara’s inadequacy at work, he offers her to stay at his house. From here on, a few simple revelations clears the air between Max and Cara but just when they seem to get their bearings straight Cara out of an act of kindness thought she was doing Max good when she cleans his house. Cleaning one particular room blew Max’s fuse. Eventually Cara learns about Max’s wife and once they lay their hearts out, they draw closer to each other…

Unlocking Her Boss’s Heart by Christy McKellen is the author’s debut Harlequin Romance. Ms. McKellen’s writing is fresh and simple. The story in itself is clean and well-written. Overall, Unlocking Her Boss’s Heart is a fun and flirty romantic read sure to keep readers turning the pages until the end.

4 Stars


Unlocking Her Boss's Heart

Christy McKellen

Unlocking Her Boss's Heart by Christy McKellen

Reviewed by Helen

This is such a beautiful story I loved the setting and the emotions were so real as I read this one it is beautifully written and will have you turning the pages to get to the finish and such a moving HEA.

Cara Winstone has been hurt badly at her last job bullied and put down this has left her emotionally down but she needs a job and is determined to bounce back to her normal positive and caring self and when her friend Poppy tells her about a position that a friend of hers Max needs filled Cara lands on his doorstep and pushes the arrogant Max into giving her a chance that will change everything for Cara.

Max Firebrace has been through tragedy losing his wife and has not gotten over it he works hard and that is about all he does he is bossy and arrogant and is convinced he does not need a PA but with his friend Poppy sending Cara to him he decides to give her a go but he is sure she is hiding something and when she turns his life upside down with her caring and cheerfulness Max feels the need to protect and care back will he give in and go with the emotions running through his body and how will he cope.

I loved this story so emotional heart-warming and moving these are two people that were meant for each other and it had me smiling. This was the first one of MS McKellen's that I have read but it won't be the last I love they way she brings the characters to life on the pages I highly recommend sitting back with a beverage of your choice and falling into this one.

5/5 stars for a fabulous story

Published January 1st 2016 by Harlequin