Three Reasons to Wed by Helen Lacey

Reviewed by Nas

THREEREASONS TO WED by author Helen Lacey is a January 2016 release by Harlequin Special Edition series. This is Book 1 of Helen Lacey’s mini-series: Cedar River Cowboys.

Marissa Ellis moved back to small town Cedar River after being hurt in the big city. But coming back to Cedar River meant coming face-to-face with Grady Parker, her high school crush and the person who married her best friend. But Grady was a widower now with three small daughters.

Marissa loved the three little girls and would do anything to make them happy. But could she agree to Grady’s proposal of marriage for them? After all, he didn’t really love her, did he?

THREE REASONS TO WED is a sweet romance that would make a reader reach for tissues multiple times. I was reduced to sniffles when the little girls’ told Marissa that she was special and their best friend, as she was their mom’s best friend. Author Helen Lacey brought out the shimmering emotions in this story that would keep a reader hooked to the pages until the end. And she did a wonderful job of bringing Grady and Marissa together despite all the emotional baggage and past grief they carried.

Highly recommended for all readers of romance.


Review by Amanda

Marissa Ellis returns to Cedar Cove to care for her aunt Violet. Just next door to her aunt’s place lives her deceased best friend’s husband and his three adorable daughters. Marissa remembers the promise she’d made to Liz to be there for her daughters whenever they needed her. So that may be a good reason to return to Cedar Cove too as she tries to take her mind off her divorce and the brute that her cheating husband has turned out to be. Returning could heal her… As the three little girls’ godmother, Marissa is constantly around them now that she is back in town and being with them also means she is around their father, Grady Parker too. Grady evades Marissa’s presence at first, but eventually he softens. Marissa and Grady has a connection between them and this connection is what takes the story forward and has you hooked… Three Reasons to Wed by Helen Lacey is a warm and fuzzy story with just the touch of drama to add depth to a good, well-written book.

Highly Recommended
5 Stars


Three Reasons to Wed Helen Lacey

Three Reasons to Wed by Helen Lacey

Reviewed by Helen

This is such a beautiful story heart-warming sensual and it was a true joy to read the tears came I smiled and fell so much for this family in Cedar River.

Marissa Ellis has moved back home to Cedar River for good she is now divorced and ready to get on with her life and spend as much time as she can with her three god daughters even though she has been in New York these girls have meant so much to her always and even more since they lost their mother who was Marissa's best friend. But there has always been a tension between Grady Parker the girl's father and Marissa could it be attraction that stems from their high school days.

Grady Parker has lost his wife but loves his daughters so much and with the help of family and friends he manages to run the family ranch and love and care for his daughters but when Marissa Ellis moves next door for good things start to change for Grady emotions and feelings that have been dormant for a while start to resurface with Marissa.

Grady and Marissa are so perfect for each other but it takes a while for both of them to see this and with three little girls needing a Mum and them loving Marissa so much they help to push and pull them apart and with family secrets coming out that also cause Marissa pain and she has been through a lot she wants the romance the true love and when that all comes to the surface you will be cheering them on. I loved this one from page one and highly recommend this story it really is one not to be missed and I look forward to more in this series.

5/5 stars for a fabulous story

Published December 15th 2015 by Harlequin