Talos Claims His Virgin by Michelle Smart

Talos Claims His Virgin
by Michelle Smart
I can’t fault this story. 

The King of Agon is due to celebrate his 50th Jubilee . Unfortunately he’s also dying so bringing the Jubilee forward the race is on for Prince Talos to find his gift to the King. Racing across Europe Talos is in dispair; he is desperate to find a violinist capable of playing the last score his grandmother wrote to be played at the Jubilee for his Grandfather. The absolute last place he thinks he will find her is in the most run down of concert halls, the building looks like it will fall down any day and there are no crowds gathering to listen to the orchestra playing within.

From the second Talos hears Amalie play, he is taken and his heart comes alive with childhood memories of hearing his beloved grandmother play the exact same score. It is settled! This small and frail looking young lady will be the one! Amalie didnt even sign up for the audition and was shocked to be singled out and politely declines. Talos does not take no for an answer - in anything - and will most certainly not take no for an answer when it is his dream to have his grandmother's last score played to his grandfather at the jubilee. Amalie IS the one! Amalie has severe stage fright and knows she won't be able to perform solo and tries to tell Talos as such but he blackmails her to going with him to Agon. What Amalie and Talos dont realise is they're at the start of their very own romantic conerto and an adventure of a life time.

I LOVE Amalie, she was hilarious and the banter between her and Talos was 100% some of the best conversations I'd ever read. Did she care Talos was some royal prince who thought he could throw his weight around? Hell no! She has fire and passion in her veins, just not when it comes to performing which litterally cripples her with fear! Talos butts heads with her big time, nothing is stopping the warrior in him delivering his gift to his grandfather and after blackmailing her, her orchasetra and the concert hall they all belong to he sends Amalie to stay at his cottage on his villa's grounds. She has a month to cure her fears and he's convinced he can do it. 

And of course I loved Talos, i loved he was the carefree Prince and his back story was perfect to shape who he was. I cant write another huge paragraph about him because saying he's just perfect sums it up for me! I believed in him as much as I did Amalie.

As much as I laughed I cried! The emotion is on point and there are moments I wished I could litterally jump in the book and sit with the King or be the one to calm Talos when he loses control of his hidden feelings or I wish I was there listening to the violin play. I was sitting at Amalie's feet when she played the piece to Talos. 

I loved the original storyline, searching for a violinist and the references to orchastra's and the music and the beautiful words used to describe fear of playing and the feelings Talos feel's when he first hears Amalie or when she first plays the last piece. I was almost in tears so I could totally imagine Talos holding back a tear (whether he cries or not is probably left to interpretation, mine was that he fights a mighty battle). The meeting of the grandad and what happens during. The little nuances like Amalie hugging the violin - it's what they do!!!!

I feel so guilty this story took me a day to power through (before during and after work - yes dinner is late) when I know it takes longer to write. All I can say to show how much I appreciate it is that I will be reading it again and again in the future and thank you so so much for such an awesome story which bought tears to my eyes with the feelings that I felt reading it.

6 stars for me! As i said at the start - I can't fault the story!

Kalliakis Crowns book 1 of 3
Harlequin Presents published December 2015 

Review by Amanda

If I had to choose one of my favorite Michelle Smart book I’d pick up Talos Claims His Virgin. The first book in the Kalliakis Crown trilogy has taken me on an entertaining journey. Ms. Smart paints a scenic picture from page one. The characters are likable and well-developed. So much that they jump right out at you. I personally love the way the author reveals the characters’ back-story…a little bit at a time. This fuels the urge to keep reading. The plot is intricately woven in such a way that you cannot put the book down. Talos, the hero is one heck of an alpha. He is arrogant, funny, broody and emotional all wrapped in one. But deep down Talos carries a heavy burden, the cause being a not so perfect childhood. Amalie Cartwright, the heroine, is feisty, strong and funny at times as much as she is a brilliant violinist. But she has fears like anyone else. Those fears are so big but Talos makes it his duty to help her overcome it. But being so close to each other ignites a flame that turns into a full-on blaze and it is not before long that they are in each other’s arms.Overall, Talos Claims His Virgin by Michelle Smart is a good story that leaves you breathlessly satisfied. I’d recommend it to all romance readers.

Highly Recommended