Review by Amanda

Kat Cantrell has a unique voice that takes her characters through journeys from light to dark and vice versa. In The CEO’s Little Surprise, the first book in her new series: Love and Lipstick, we find that unique writing style present between the pages. We are taken on a turbulent voyage where two people, polar opposites yet fiercely attracted to each other battle it out in the boardroom and the bedroom...? The sizzle and fire between Cass Claremont and Gage Branson had never been put out. They soon discover this when they must face each other at work on a deal regarding a new product. But when her new product is leaked could Cass trust Gage? And was she strong enough to fend off her undying attraction towards him? Overall, The CEO’s Little Surprise by Kat Cantrell is a fast-paced story with sexual tension burning up the pages!

4 Stars