Review by Amanda

I have never read a story quite like this one. The Journey of a Gambler’s Wife by Bella Sharma is unique, fresh and sorrowful. The pain and turmoil of the heroine, Bella Sharma (who is also the author) is raw and aching. The narration makes you mad yet draws your sympathy towards the heroine. Marital abuse and gambling addiction is described in vivid detail. This book aroused a series of questions in my mind. Had Bella Sharma truly known the man she married? Was he a stranger to her when they tied the knot? What had been her husband’s thoughts on marriage? Would she have broken off the relationship in its earliest stage had she known what she’d have to face with her husband? But even as the questions came, I saw with such clarity, a woman who is struggling with her marriage, with her life—as a mom and wife to an abuser and gambler— find courage to move forward. She has such strength, bravery and faith that she plows ahead. This interesting story garners your attention, opens your eyes to the misery some women face at the hands of their husbands…reveals the abuse meted out, the torture and just when the world gives up hope on such women, these women stand up and fight for their happiness. Overall, a courageous story of a brave woman who narrates her life, shedding light on the injustice faced at the hands of her husband—a man who should have been there to protect her—not bring her down!

Highly Recommended
4.5 Stars