Behind the Headlines 2 in 1 Read by Joss Wood and Lucy King

Reviewed by Desere

This sexy hotter than hot duo contains two fabulous reads by the amazing authors. The first read The Couple Behind the headlines by Lucy King tells of a society sweetheart and a playboy spotted at an exhibition, either they are admiring the art or each other, no one is sure.

Imogen has been getting up close and very personal with financial hotshot Jack Taylor, but only because she realizes she needs to be seen as so over her previous failed relationship and get out to have some sexy fun.

The outside world knows this is not very wise because everyone knows what happened during her last hook-up, and taking into consideration Mr Hotshot's history, the world would be more than shocked if the 'hot fling " lasts longer than one night. The world however is surprised to not only spot them together the night before and again the morning after, and soon they start to think that just maybe Jack will be earning the from playboy to in a temporary till I get bored with her relationship tag. But Imogen 's heart is in much more trouble than she thinks and Jack, well Jack is not willing to jeopardize his playboy reputation just yet.

This read was fun in so many wonderful ways I laughed, I cried and I could not get enough of this crazy fun read. There was lost of emotional drama, but not the overload kind. The author hit all the right fun and light notes with just enough emotion to bring it to a nice and very romantic end.

The character of Jack was first of all totally unbelievably freaking hot,! Oozing sex , and dripping in charm that man works hard and plays even harder. I liked the whole " Reputation to uphold" element, it made for a very interesting perspective from the hero's side. Most men in these kind of reads, value their reputation but most of the time just does what ever they want not caring what the rest of the world will think, so yes this was interesting to read about with Jack being the opposite of the " what will the world think' kind we always see. It was great hilarious fun to see his perfect world come tumbling down.

The character of Imogen was heartbreaking at first because she has to try and uphold this smile life goes on facade whilst inside she is broken to her very core over the betrayal of her boyfriend and him hooking up with her best friend. It is something no woman needs and when the spotlight is on them it's even worse, because the whole world looks at you like they want to say how sorry they are but they know it means nothing. I liked her attitude in getting out there to reshape her image, it takes a lot of courage to throw caution to the wind and say " what the heck let's be seen with the most reckless of men" and not worry what the world will think.

I am taking away a message of when in the spotlight the world does seem to forget you are human, and you hurt and experience pain and joy just like the rest of the world. But when it's your happiness that's on the line you need to stop and ask yourself if caring what the world thinks is really worth it when in the long run you will find that reputation upheld was not worth it when you let go of your happiness.

I highly recommend this read for anyone that loves a fun and sexy romance read with loads of humor and a crazy out of control whirl wind relationship that leads to a beautiful full blown romance. Sexy and passionate and written by a brilliant author. Guaranteed to bring you hours of enjoyment!

5/5 star review
" He wants her, she wants him but what will the world think ?" 


The second read Wild about the man by Joss Wood was the second book written by South African author Joss Wood,and once again I was simply delighted!

The characters were stunning and unique in their own way. There was Clementine Campbell your typical stuck up socialite,the kind you want to stomp into the ground until she realizes life is not only about her. She was weak but as the author delves deeper into her background I found the reason for her weakness and loved seeing how the author let Clem's personality change to strong non stuck up woman who takes what she wants.

Then there was Nick and my oh my what a character Nick was indeed,I completely and wholeheartedly fell in love with him. He is strong, hard-working and does not put up with any of Clem's attitude problems.Simply put the man is rude and arrogant but what a man he is on khaki clad legs! He also has a few skeletons in the closet here and there so to speak but that only made him more interesting. And here again the deeper I delved into the book the better I could understand his actions.

The backdrop of a Lodge in South Africa was unique to see in a Mills and Boon Riva book but such a delight. I loved reading about the animals, cultures, and day to day life on a lodge in South Africa the reason being that I could relate and was familiar with so much incorporated by the author with brilliant accuracy,that I simply fell in love with my own country all over again.

The secondary characters were distant enough to let me as reader know they might get their own story some day and at the same time strong enough to add to the mix of the forces of nature that bring together Nick and Clem.

The dialogue was fun, witty, playful and at the same time the author made sure to lace it with a good dose of emotion leaving me as reader blown away and in awe.

This is the perfect read for any reader of romance that needs to escape to a complete whole new world where love can be found in unexpected place even with a rhino stuck in a muddy situation lurking in the background. Excellent work Joss, keep them coming!

I highly recommend this read for anyone that 's a sucker for romance reads with sexy characters and humorous situations. This author knows how to keep you entertained all the way. Guaranteed sexiness and awesome romance!

5/5 star review
"Falling in love with the wild,one heartbeat at a time!"