Back In Her Husband's Arms by Susanne Hampton

Reviewed by Desere

We have all heard the stories about a man and woman being married but not really ever communicating with each other , other than in the bedroom.

The sex is good, the certain level of love is there, but the actual knowing each other inside and out is just non existent. So the ultimate ending is sadly divorce. In the new read from author Susanne Hampton this is the life of Sara Fielding and her very soon to be ex husband Tom. She wants a family so badly she can rock the baby in her arms already but Tom feels this is the one thing he cannot give her.

Their passionate and stormy marriage ends. But time brings them back together and they have one more passionate night together, it's the one memory that will last a lifetime, after that there will be nothing left.

Until Sara's new job unexpectedly finds her working closely with Tom.  And soon this leads to them learning more about each other than ever before, this leads to a new relationship blossoming. Only Tom has a deep, dark secret that could either bring Sara back into his arms or take her away for good this time.

This was a very sweet and sensual lovers reunite, second chance read. The suspense build up to just why Tom does not feel he can give Sara a family was nicely timed and did not seem too dragged out. I liked the emotion in this read very much, some medical romances just have an overload of emotion that yes makes me cry just as bad as this read did, but it is such an overflow of different emotions that it feels as if I am lost because my heart is trying to absorb all the different emotions and I don't know which one feels the strongest, this did not happen in this read and I was able to balance it all, nice work Susanne!

The characters were both unique in their own right and each one had a good set of issues to deal with. Tom's reasoning behind his secret felt new and fresh in some way, even though it has been done before. Sara was a interesting character to read about and her feeling so very lost with a whole new set of emotions made me cry my eyes out. I did feel more than once like I waned to give Tom a good shake and yell at him to just wake up and see what is right in front of him before it's too late.

The ending of this read was particularly sweet, I felt my heart soar and that special love always wins feeling spread right through me. I am taking away a message of one should never think that just love is enough to see you through in a relationship, if there is no actual proper communication you will never really truly know the other person, and if you don't know them they will remain a closed book with secrets that can and will destroy any form of love you might have had. Always communicate, if you don't there is no point in having a relationship at all.

I recommend this sweet, sensual and very touching second chance read for all fans of romance reads.

4.5 star review
"He want's her back, but his secret could send her running and this time she won't come back" 
Reviewed by TashNz

5 Stars
Susanne Hampton
Back In Her Husband's Arms

What a beautifully written and loving story about two people who are meant to be and have their shot at a second chance.

Sara unexpectedly runs into her ex husband Tom and they share a passionate one-off night together.  They're nearly divorced, papers have been signed, just waiting on the official stamp.  This will get each other out of their systems and let them carry on their seperate ways... after all Australia far away from Texas where Sara is heading.

Unfortunately three weeks later Sara and Tom meet again at the hospital they're both working at, Sara is just filling in until she's off to Texas.  Being in close contact stirs up feelings that Sara wants to leave buried.  She wishes so hard that Tom was having an affair of sorts with his secretary but noooo, she's happily married.  Of course there's more hurdles and when Sara finds out she's pregnant to Tom the world plummets.  It's the very reason they divorced.  Tom doesnt want kids and Sara dreams of being a Mom.

Back in Her Husbands arms is proof that two characters can back in love again - well actually Tom and Sara never fell out of love, Sara loved Tom more than ever when she made the decision to leave.  Sara is being brave by walking away and Tom is honoring his self made promise about having a family.  Both characters are very likeable and as each page passed I liked them more and more and believed in their story.

I read this book on a cold wintery day and the way it was written made me feel warm inside.  This is Susanne's second book I've read and I think she's found her perfect niche writing warm, sweet and beautifully written medical romances.  The story flowed from start to finish and I would highly recommend to all those who love romance stories that arent filled with conflict and fighting.  This second chance story is filled with renewed and growing friendship coupled with two people who genuinely love each other but cant quite climb the wall that will bring them together.

I was very lucky to receive an ARC and Back in Her Husbands Arms will be read again for sure, thank you Susanne Hampton!