Heir to Scandal by Andrea Laurence

Heir To Scandal

Reviewed by Desere

Congressman Xander Langston has it all, he is in good financial standing, a good society member, great job, his book was just published and he is good looking enough to have any woman in his arms. But his life is about to fall to pieces.

He returns to his hometown to assist his family cover up a scandal that will definitely damage his reelection chances. Whist in town he meets up with the first woman he loved Rose, she has transformed into a radiant beauty and he simply cannot resist her.

They talk , go on a date, have a good time and even discover the passion they once shared is still there. But the date abruptly ends when Rose receives a call that her son is in hospital with a broken arm. Xander always the gentlemen makes sure she does not drive in a state of worry and escorts her to the hospital.

But the second he lays eyes on her son, he knows Joey is his. Understandably he is angry but he also makes it crystal clear he will not walk away from her or their son, only going public might destroy his reelection chances and then there's the family scandal added to the mix. This man has more on his plate than he ever bargained for, the only question that remains is , what's more important his career or his family?

I very much enjoyed this read. I liked the characters and the little bit of conflict. It was nice to see that they fall back into a dating pattern after being separated for eleven years, that does not always happen because people change, so it felt a little unrealistic until I realized that the love they shared was strong enough to create an everlasting bond that no amount of time could erase.

The character of Xander was fun and very enjoyable, he was a very honorable man, takes his duties of his job and his personal life very seriously. He was also very understanding about everything, he does go a little stir crazy with everything that just keeps piling up, but he doesn't take it out on people around him, which is usually what the reaction is from most hero's. He simply handles it all with spectacular fashion. And for this reason I could not help but fall in love with him. Through this character I learned that when life is spiraling out of control there really is no point in losing your cool, rather just face what you need to face and deal with it as best you can.

The character of Rose was really sweet, I liked that she does everything in her power to give her son the best life possible. Every single mother knows how hard it can be to make it all work out. I admired her strength and courage. I did feel she gives into Xander just a little too easily, but it showed that after eleven years of dealing with it all alone she has hit that 'I don't want to do this alone anymore' point and I could understand why she falls for Xander all over again so very quickly.

It also made for a very smooth and easy read, there was none of the major back and forth ,then we are together than we are apart and back together again stuff. The author got to the point and did so nice and quickly.

I am taking away a message of life has a way of bringing us right back to where we are meant to be, but when we get there the rest is up to us. If we turn our back on the second chance then tomorrow will be a lonely and bleak place. If we strengthen up and take one day at a time it will maybe not completely work out in the end but it will show you what you need to know and what you are meant to be doing.

I recommend this read for all fans that love a good sweet, sensual, passionate read with a nice even flow and just the right amount of emotional drama to keep you interested.  **Warning : The read ends with a cliffhanger so be sure to check in on the next release of the series.

4.5 star review
" The bond of love is stronger than ever before, but can it withstand the scandal of the century?"