Hot Shot by Lynn Raye Harris

Hot Shot (Hostile Operations Team, #5)

Reviewed by Desere

Every time I pick up one of the new HOT series books I always know for a sure fire fact am in for a heck of ride. Action, suspense, super hot men, spicy sex scenes and emotional drama all packed into a excellent plot.

But what I also always think is that this author cannot possibly do it better than the last time, and you know what , I could not be more wrong. This time the author surprised me over and over again with fascinating characters , a heck of a plot and twits and turns I had no idea was coming.

The read tells of Jack " Hawk" Hunter, the number one sniper to the HOT team, he's always cool and calm under pressure. Deep down he hides a broken heart after the death of his wife and unborn child, but he still gets up everyday and does his job to perfection.

Then he lets go for a few hours when he finds number one sexier than sin pop star Gina Demenico in his arms screaming his name and not being able to have enough of him. But at the end of their three day hideout Jack walks away and makes it clear this will never happen again and there is no future for them, it was just sex and that's all it will ever be.

Three years later Gina's son is kidnapped and she 's desperate for help, she knows Jack is the most lethal man she knows, and if there is anyone that can rescue her baby boy Jack and his team are the men for the job. All she has to do is make contact with Mr Hot Shot Sniper , beg him for help and oh yes tell him that Eli is in fact his son !

This read was beyond fabulous and so, so SO super sexy. I loved the heat between Jack and Gina it was electrifying and so intense it totally made me lose my breath. The plot of this read could not have been more awesome, I loved the entire 'let's go rescue our son and try not to have too much sexual tension get to us along the way " idea. It made for super awesome moments of conflict that when finally hitting the 'this is enough and now we're going for it' scenes leap from the pages with such astounding epic amazement it left me in complete awe of this author's writing.

The action and suspense was as in the previous HOT reads simply fabulous. The intensity of the build up to the who dunnit and the total 'wow did not see that coming' was incredible. I truly thought I had the kidnapper all figured out and ready to be brought down and then it went the total opposite direction, really incredible keeping you on the edge of your seat stuff!

I am taking away a message that in life there are no guarantees, we love, we lose, we fall. But if we don't get back up and try again we will just fall further back in a hole there is no getting out of, make a compromise or two and you will be more than surprised to learn there is life after death.

To wrap it up, we have an awesome plot, a truly off the charts hotter than hot sniper, a little bit of a lost popstar wanting to please her fans, a murderous disgusting madman, a twist of fate , super hot sex and a team ready to kill on command anyone that dares mess with those they love, loads of action and guns blazing and two people both with a lot of baggage that need to learn how to build a future together. The absolute perfect combination of a kick-ass read.

The author has once again proved she is the ultimate master in creating the perfect action romantic suspense reads. I cannot wait for the next HOT read!

I highly recommend this book for all fans of action romantic suspense reads. Guns, mystery, drama, action , romance and a whole lot of amazing awesomeness. A thrilling delicious , toe curling , take my breath away read from a brilliant author.

5/5 star review
" The ultimate hot shot faces more pressure to be accurate than ever before"