Westridge by Heather Lin


Reviewed by Desere

Everyone deserve a second chance, it does not always happen but when it does I always think of the old saying when letting someone go it hurts but if it's meant to be they will come back to you.

But have you ever thought of just how complicated it could get when that love comes back to you and since they have been gone you have started a new life ? Married, kids, divorced , ex husbands and ex wives, guilt from the past, afraid to try again, new line of work,  you name it the list goes on and on.

So just exactly how are you to overcome all these complications? The answer is a simple one, there is no easy way to handle it. You need to re-adjust to the current surroundings and the honest truth is, if you can't handle it then there is no point in trying in the first place.

This read tells of Gabby Jones and Jason Dawson, born only a few months apart in the small town of Westridge, they grow up learning all there is to know about each other and after eighteen years they seem like the perfect ' we grew up together, fell in love and we are happy', kind of couple. Only after high school graduation Gabby gets on a bus and takes off, leaving poor Jason confused and totally heartbroken.

Five years go by, Jason gets married and has a child, but the marriage does not work out and they divorce. As he tries to adjust to his new life and of course the fact that another relationship has failed, Gabby reappears. She is home for a funeral and of course having avoided Jason for the last five years and now having to face him in the small town setting( let's face it in a small town everyone knows when someone has come back after many years) she is more than just a little of kilter, but she does her best to avoid the confrontation.

With the help of fate, meddling parents and a few twist and turns Gabby and Jason are thrown back together and there is no chance for either one to run or to tip toe around each other. They reestablish a relationship but only to a certain degree. They are able to admit they still love each other but Gabby feels lost , she has her company back home and Jason is no longer the only person she will need to pay attention to, there is being a stepmother to his little girl. So even if Jason can get Gabby to reveal the reason she left him five years ago, there is no guarantee they will be able to overcome all the new challenging pieces to an already complicated puzzle.

This is a new author to me and after reading this book I will definitely me making my way back to her books again. I very much enjoyed the sense of mystery and suspense to the build up when Gabby finally does reveal her reasons. I wanted to of course immediately have it out in the open, but as all good books go there is a moment that is just perfect for the big reveal.

The characters were well written and the book had a nice and even flow to it. I really liked Jason, he was a good, solid and strong hero, he does not fall into a heap and think the world over when he hits a low point in his life, he gets up and fights back as hard as he can. The character of Gabby was a little less likable , but only because I did not agree with her reasons for leaving, I did not think it is something that should be run away from and rather needs to be dealt with asap. But I also realized that the author was showing that we all deal with situations differently, some of us are not strong enough to stand up and handle it everyone is unique in their own way.

I am taking away a message of life has up's and down's when it comes to second chances, sometimes they are easy to overcome and other times it is much harder to try and pull it all together. But never run away from it, risk all you can today to find that second time happiness you deserve because tomorrow you might not get the chance again.

I recommend this read for all fans that love a good sweet and sensual , emotionally pack second chance romance.

4.5 star review
"No one ever said the road to happiness is easy"