His Forbidden Diamond by Susan Stephens

Reviewed by Desere

Forbidden love is such a powerful emotion, because it cannot be controlled or ignored, yet it is done all over the world and sadly it causes heartache and despair leaving in it's wake people who are simply drifting along in life taking what ever comes around , and silently holding on to the hope that someday they will find love again and that this time will be allowed and not forbidden.

Lucky for us romantic at heart we know there is always a way forward, one just needs to see it in order to make it happen.

In the new read from the super talented Susan Stephens we get to meet sexier than sin former soldier and diamond dynasty heir Tyr Skavanga. He has returned to the icy depth of the cold north but he is haunted by the terrors of war and has cut himself off from the world and hardened his heart to the very same level of ice as his homeland. But he soon discovers there is one person who is not afraid to defy his defenses and with a shock her realizes it's the last person he expected.

Princess Jasmina of Kareshi is more beautiful than any woman Tyr has ever seen, but she is also strictly off limit. Like Tyr she has a reputation to protect but the electrifying connection between them could be the toughest challenge either one has ever had to face. And soon the hands of fate play out a different set of rules, the only question left is if they can obey the new rules or simply give up and walk away from what they have found in each others' arms.

This was book three is The Skavanga Diamonds series and I could not have been more overjoyed when I received it, because from the start go of this incredible series I was in love with the world of Skavanga and the amazing characters the author crafted.

My heart broke for Tyr, the poor man had become so lost in a world of his own , that I wanted to drag him up from the ground and tell him to fight back against the demons of war. Too often I read and meet the men of war and I can see the pain they have to go through. Trying to bring their lives back to the top, or at least something that resembles the life they knew , is no easy task and sadly so many of them don't make it back to the other side but simply fade away from the world and live in despair. I was absolutely thrilled when the author let Princess Jasmina ( Jazz) be this feisty " I don't take no nonsense" heroine that gave it as good as she got, to tame the very lost Tyr and bring him back to life.

And when Jazz fights back with fire, the conflict was so excellent it had me shouting " Yes that's it Jazz !!" the one minute and the next I found myself on the edge of my seat begging Tyr to surrender and then next it had me laughing out loud , giggling away like a school girl. Absolute amazing, stunning chemistry that set the pages alight and revved up the passion to new heights of hot.

From the character of Jasmina I learned that when you're cornered and there is no other way out just go with it and make the best of the situation, it's in your best interest to at least show you didn't go down without a fight. And from Tyr I learned that a normal life is probably the only thing a warrior of war wants, but if they opens their hearts to love they will find so much more that just a normal life, happiness lies within the power to let love inside.

The read was filled with passion that is hotter than the desert sun, emotion so strong and memorable it hit every single note and sent my emotions souring into the heavens, and an amazing story of dark reality being overcome by love it poured new life into my soul.

I highly recommend this read for all fans of Susan Stephens books, the author has once again shown why she is not only one of the best authors of our time , but one who's stories and characters will stay with you and always be in the back of your mind reminding you that there is always a happy ending even to the most forbidden things in life.

5/5 star review
" In order to survive they have to fight, only fighting each other seems impossible when they're  in desperate need of each other's love"