The Bridesmaid's Baby Bump by Kandy Shepherd (Sydney Brides #3)

The Bridesmaid's Baby Bump by Kandy Shepherd
Reviewed by Helen

I was really looking forward to this one I have loved the first two books in this series and I was very much looking forward to seeing Eliza get her HEA and with none other than billionaire Jake Marlowe you see they were best man and bridesmaid at Andie and Dominic’s wedding and then again at Gemma and Tristian’s weddings and that spark that started with the first wedding grew with the second one and bought them together in the magical European castle such a fairy tale but there were still obstacles in their way so it took another 6 months before they were in contact again and wow.

Eliza is part of the Party Queens party planning company and loves her job she has been married and divorced and is one of the most independent and determined to do everything herself people there is she will not be told what to do and can be very stubborn about it. Eliza is not the sort of girl who is into affairs but she cannot deny the pull between her and Jake so when she decides to take a much needed four day break at Port Douglas Jake is the last person she expects to run into at the airport but that spark cannot be denied.

Jake Marlowe is a self- made billionaire gorgeous and caring but he also has secrets from his past and has just come through a divorce and with a rule book to guide him although another marriage and fatherhood is something that is not in his future, he decides it is time to get back to living and seeing as Eliza is someone he cannot forget the time is right for them to meet again where will this lead? Four wonderful sensual days together with consequences that neither of them thought could happen.
Truly this is one moving sensual emotional story that I did not want to put down MS Shepherd knows how to write a story that will pull you in and have you turning those pages. The setting is fabulous and that glimmer that has been glowing between Jake and Eliza for some time now explodes with emotions that will see stubbornness and determination and then the pure joy of opening up and realizing that they are very much in love with a baby on the way. Thank you MS Shepherd for another fabulous story.

5/5 stars fro a fabulous story
Expected publication: July 5th 2016 by Harlequin


Review by Amanda - 4 Stars

The Bridesmaid’s Baby Bump is the third book in Kandy Shepherd’s Sydney Brides series. This was a great story about attraction turning into a test of will between two fiercely independent individuals. The main characters were carefully created. They had depth, they had flaws and of course they were realistic. I rooted for Eliza Dunne; she is passionate, talented and fragile. Jake Marlowe on the other hand is strong, independent and roguish but in the end he proved himself as a worthy father and life partner. Eliza and Jake meet up at their friend’s wedding and they discover the attraction between them has never died. This meeting rekindles past desires and it isn’t before long that Eliza and Jake act upon their attraction. The consequence of their passionate four day rendezvous adds drama to this rather fun, banter filled story. So grab Kandy’s book and find out how Eliza and Jake work past their differences in order for them to reach their happy ever after.

Review by Adel - 4 Stars

In The Bridesmaid’s Baby Bump by Kandy Shepherd, Eliza Dunne and Jake Marlowe meet once again at their friend’s wedding. The attraction between the two is as strong as it ever was and the time soon comes when Jake is free to act on the attraction. Eliza believes she is infertile so it comes as a major shock when she discovers that she is pregnant after spending a magical four days with Jake.

Eliza and Jake are both fiercely independent and fear getting hurt again, causing for some interesting times while the two fight each other for custody of their unborn baby. Fortunately, they realise the error of their ways and work out their differences. Love heals both Eliza and Jake.

It was a lovely and emotional story and I recommend it to any romance lover that believes in second and even third changes.

Review by Hina - 5 Stars

Finally I have read this book by Kandy Shepherd.

I must applaud the integrity of the heroine, Eliza Dunne, who would not kiss the hero because he is married to another. Even if the divorce proceedings have already begun. I love her for that.

But love is not easy for all. Jake is a broken man. He has lost the ability, or so he thinks, to make a life with someone. But then there's a baby to bring happiness in their lives and to force them to search deep in their hearts and souls and accept what resides there.

A lot of drama and and repression of emotion in the beginning.

Loved every word of it.

I would recommend all romance readers to check out this awesome series.

Review by Alexia - 5 Stars

Author Kandy Shepherd does it again, and gives us another wonderful book "The Bridesmaid's Baby Bump." This is a continuation of her series 'Sydney Brides' but it is also a read alone book. Eliza Dunne meets billionaire Jake Marlowe at a wedding and they hook up. Since he is just getting over a divorce he isn't looking for anything serious. Too bad their one night has some unexpected consequences.

Review by Cheryl - 5 Stars

Eliza Dunne is a party planner for the Party Queens, and she has met Jake Marlowe at a wedding. 
Eliza was bridesmaid and Jake was best man at a wedding in the first and second book in the series. They loved chatting and getting to know each other however until Jake’s divorce is final Eliza won’t give in to her attraction to him.

Jake is a strong independent billionaire and Eliza has an intricate place in the Party Queens. Jake is recently divorced and really does not feel he is ready for a serious relationship now. But their one night Eliza becomes pregnant with his baby and he has to rethink his plan. 

I love reading Kandy Shepherd’s books and this bride’s series is wonderful. Each can either be read as a stand-alone book or in the series. 

Review by Dottie - 5 Stars

The conclusion of Ms. Shepherd's Sydney brides is fantastic. Take billionaire Jake Marlowe,with a past he keeps a secret, put him at a wedding with Eliza Dunne part owner of Party Queens, add a physical attraction to each other, add that he is not quite divorced yet and add that Eliza wants him but has issues with him not being totally free. If that doesn't get you roped into this wonderful book how about she meets him again when he is finally divorced both decide to spend a few days together and that time produces an unexpected complication. Eliza gets pregnant, which doctors said was impossible. Put extremely handsome, overwhelming wealthy Jack who from issued in the past trusts no one , in the middle of this miracle baby. Never wanting to be a father for reasons known only to him, he approaches Eliza with his decision on how to handle this. Get married, from here you follow two people who are so sure what they want but under it all love is there. Ms. Shepherd never fails in leaving her readers with a fantastic story that has you pulled in from the first page. This is an incredible story of two truly lovely people confused by their past and almost let it destroy there chance of a future. Love seeing all the others from Party Queens and their mates but this can be read alone. Think Jake is my favorite of the hot men in this series, just needed a little fine tuning from Eliza. Don't miss this one its a keeper.

Reviewed by Nas Dean

THE BRIDESMAID’S BABYBUMP by author Kandy Shepherd is a July 2016 release by Harlequin Romance series.

Eliza Dunne has secret attraction to billionaire Jake Marlowe, yet she keeps away as she knows his divorce is not final.

Then Jake’s divorce is final yet he is not ready for any commitment so soon. But after giving in to their scorching chemistry and when Eliza lets him know she is expecting his baby, will he step to his responsibilities?

THE BRIDESMAID’S BABY BUMP is a swoon-worthy romance. Author Kandy Shepherd brought this sensational tale full of shimmering sensuality. Readers already hooked on the Party Queens Sydney Brides miniseries would love to read how Eliza brings Jake to his knees.

Highly recommended for all readers of romance.