Challenging the Doctor Sheikh

Challenging the Doctor Sheikh

Desert Prince Docs #2

Amalie Berlin

Challenging the Doctor Sheikh by Amalie Berlin

Reviewed by Helen

Well we are back in the kingdom of Mamlakat Almas for the second story in this series and this is Prince Dakan Al Rahal's journey to a wonderful HEA with architect Nira Hathaway and it is a wonderful story sit back and enjoy.

Dakan is a doctor just finished his training and he really wants to be a GP caring for families and seeing them through their health issues but the health system is not so good in his country and he and his brother Zahir have been having problems getting their father to give up the old ways and move forward. Dakan has issues with knowing who he is he is searching for that part of him that will open up and be more honest with himself and when things start to change for a better health system and Nira is bought in to design the new hospital there is a spark a pull between them not just sexual but they talk open up to each other but Dakan can be very stubborn.

Nira is in this country to design a new hospital and to trace her past a past that she knows very little about only that her father comes from a middle eastern country but she has been so busy with the hospital designs and working with the gorgeous and sometimes difficult Dakan there is something there a spark a pull but both of them are doing everything to deny it Nira is not going to end up like her mother and Dakan has so many rules to follow and an inner person to find but the spark is too strong to deny for too long.

This is a beautifully written story that pulled me in from page one I didn't want to put it down I loved the setting and the dialogue between Nira and Dakan is fabulous the way Nira gets Dakan to open up and the fears and secrets that are revealed. This one is moving and very sensual the characters come to life and catching up with family from the first book in the series is always great. I highly recommend this one it really is a fabulous story.

5/5 stars for a fabulous story

Expected publication: August 1st 2016 by Harlequin Medical Romances


Review by Amanda

Another sheikh book by Amalie Berlin – color me happy! Challenging the Doctor Sheikh is laden with drama, romance, intense dialogue and flawed characters who command the page and drag the reader in from page one. The plot is realistic and the author’s tight writing makes for a quick and entertaining read.

For Prince Dakan Al Rahal, his duty as an heir to Mamlakat Almas is top priority and since he’s a doctor, Dakan is tasked with reworking the healthcare system in his country so he has no other choice but to return home to fulfill his duties. Back home he gets to works with the lovely Nira Hathaway who is brought in to design the new hospital. Working with Nira, brings out a part of Dakan that had long been dormant. Sparks fly even though both try to brush off their attraction, however, in the end after much denial of what they share; Dakan and Nira find a way through the obstacles in their way. A satisfactory ending concludes the story with a rewarding HEA.
Well-written and fast-paced, Challenging the Doctor Sheikh by Amalie Berlin would surely find favor with fans of medical romance!

Highly Recommended
5 Stars