Twin Surprise For The Single Doc by Susanne Hampton (Monticello Baby Miracles #2)

Twin Surprise For The Single Doc by Susanne Hampton
Reviewed by Helen

This is one of those stories that you will pick up fall into and not want to put down till the end it is beautifully written ticking all the boxes for what makes a great medical story with hope, love and a smile.

Claudia Montecello is a twin and very close but very different to her twin sister Harriet, Claudia jumps in feet first she is the risk taker and hence she is living and working in Los Angeles where she meets a guy falls for him and also falls pregnant but is then abandoned having twins. Claudia is planning on returning to England to have her babies and accepts that being a single Mum will work for her but a few days before she is to leave The States things go wrong in an elevator of all places and Claudia and her babies are left in the hands of a complete stranger although a gorgeous caring stranger who knows what he is doing.

Dr Patrick Spencer is an ex Brit living in Los Angeles since everything went wrong in his life with his family a tragedy that caused lots of heartache, he was a promising obstetrician but gave that up moved to LA and became a plastic surgeon he keeps to himself wanting a wife and family is not on his list working hard is but when a pregnant woman goes into early labour in a broken down elevator having twins everything comes back to him and he does what he can to save Claudia and the boys lives even if they did get off to a bad start.

I highly recommend this story the journey to their HEA is filled with ups and downs but they are so drawn to each other there is a pull that neither can deny for long and they are so good for each other helping with emotions, yes pick this one up sit back and enjoy there will be lots of emotions for you to enjoy but you will be smiling with the epilogue when Claudia and her twin Harriet are all together with such an extended family.

5/5 stars for a beautiful story

Published June 1st 2016 by Mills & Boon Medical

Reviewed by Nas Dean

TWIN SURPRISES FOR THE SINGLE DOC by author Susanne Hampton is a release by Harlequin Medical Romance series.

Stepping into the lift/elevator one morning, Claudia Monticello didn’t expect the medical emergency which would follow. But she was grateful that the stranger in the elevator was a doctor. Dr. Patrick Spencer helped Claudia when she went in labor and delivered twin boys.

Now he couldn’t walk away from the twins or their brave mother. He doesn’t understand why, but he kept going back to visit the boys and their mom.

TWIN SURPRISES FOR THE SINGLE DOC is a story about a doctor who took blame for something he was not responsible for and moved away to start a new life. All the while blaming himself. Could he forgive himself and move on now that he has a chance at love and family? Author Susanne Hampton wrote this story about twin sisters who only have each other. This story would keep readers engrossed till the end.

Highly recommended for all readers of medical romance.